Unique (UNQ) is now listed on Huobi.


The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) will use Unique Network’s NFT marketplace infrastructure for ecological conservation and regeneration projects as part of their upcoming Hackathon.

Quartz Parachain win! UNQ token sale! Alexander Mitrovich at NFT NYC 2021! UN art competition winners! Xmas came early for the Unique Network community. Read all about it.

Nov 26, 2021

Diamond in the Rough

At Unique Network we had a great last few months. In October we closed the second round of pre-sale bringing the total funds raised so far to $16 million. On 15th November, powered by the support of our amazing Unique Community, Quartz won the parachain slot auction on the Kusama network.

On 15th November we won the 14th auction for Quartz to be a parachain on the Kusama network!

In line with Unique’s ethos, Vernissage is a platform built for the next NFT boom, and not just the present.

After one of the busiest months in our history, we take some time to recap our latest fundraise, multiple partnership announcements, NASDAQ op-eds, and the long-awaited Quartz crowdloan launch.

Our partnership with SupraOracles will combine Unique's white-label NFT technology with SupraOracles novel oracle toolset to improve the composition of the dynamic NFTs that we're nurturing through our advanced tools, marketplace, and platform.

Substrapunks was launched as the first NFT game on Polkadot. As was the case with Cryptopunks, only 10,000 Substrapunks were created.

Forever has Fallen is the world's first story-driven metaverse and game, and Unique has empowered them with our developer tools and marketplace infrastructure.

Unique Network’s NFT platform powers Artpool, where art enthusiasts and collectors discover quality artworks curated by leading professionals.

Unique Network NFT Parachain on Polkadot Case Study.

Unique Network’s second NFT drop in partnership with Polkadot, established a powerful community of supporters and investors.

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