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to revolutionize digital fashion

Unique provided a conduit for web3 and the DUNDAS community at Paris Fashion Week, creating exciting possibilities within the industry.


Unique Network empowers you with the most sustainable NFTs in the entire industry, complete with unlimited advanced features built to be mass-adoption-ready!


Leverage the power of web3 in the most sustainable ways to reach your innovative aspirations.

The Problem

The environmental consequences of NFTs can no longer go unaddressed.

ETH 2.0 still generates 10 million mcg CO2 per Mint!
(Equivalent to charging your smartphone nine times).

The Opportunity

Blockchain technology has been identified by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as a key force that can positively impact climate action.

You have an opportunity to work with the most sustainable and green NFTs from Unique Network.

The Unique Solution

One NFT mint on Unique Network releases a mere 1.2 mcg CO2. A human exhales 30 times more CO2 in one exhale.

Proof Point

DigtialArt4Climate showcased at COP26 and COP27

Member of Climate Chain Coalition

Winter Hackathons of Sovereign Nature Initiative powered by Unique Network

Advanced Tech

Our set of advanced NFT features enable the next generation of NFT use cases in gaming, art, e-commerce, real estate or any other industry.

The Problem

The NFT collectibles bubble is popping.

From the highs of $2.7 billion in NFT transactions - the daily trade volume dropped 90% on the leading NFT marketplace in August, 2022

The Opportunity

NFT use cases are expanding across industries - retail, e-commerce, gaming, real estate, and more.

With the right tools, you can start building advanced NFT dApps right away.

The Unique Solution

Equip your NFTs with features not available on any other blockchain:

  • Native NFTs and RFTs
  • Nested NFTs
  • Layered access management
  • Scheduling
  • Painless transactions
  • Interoperable with EVM, Polkadot and other chains
  • And much more…

Proof Points

  • Sociable Weaver - Use Nested NFT pallets to organize your life, company or even household. Metaverse ready; real life ready
  • Nes3D - An interface for customizing

Mass Adoption

Unique Network is built for mass adoption. Easy onboarding for users and developers. Enjoy scalability (6000 tps), painless transactions, and an SDK for web developers.

The Problem

High Barriers to entry for developers and end users. Only 18400 web3 developers and 12 million MAU of Metamask.

The Opportunity

Over 57% of 24 million developers globally use JavaScript (Source: DeveloperNation). Leverage the large pools of developer skills to build easy-to-use NFT dApps and onboard end-users at scale.

The Solution

Our comprehensive SDKs allow any JS developers to build on our blockchain.

Additionally, use the sponsoring feature to hide gas fees and make onboarding customers seamless.

Proof Point

  • Lemonade Social - Powering events with enhanced virtual experiences and IRL utilities through NFT ticketing
  • Sociable Weaver - A seamless UX/UI with blockchain under the hood for organizations and individuals to manage assets, in-game assets across gaming, music, and art.

Limitless NFT Potential for every Use Case


Unique Network 获得了来自区块链、NFT、游戏和元宇宙等领域最具影响力的资本的支持

丰富的 Polkadot 网络开发经验

Unique Network 是第一条建立在 Polkadot 和 Kusama 上的 NFT 链

“创建区块链冠军” 得主

“创建区块链冠军” 得主

2020 Kusama 黑客马拉松



2020 Kusama 黑客马拉松

5 次获得 Web3 项目资助

5 次获得 Web3 项目资助

5 个项目全部交付

团队成员自 2019 年起担任 Polkadot 大使 团队成员自 2019 年起担任 Polkadot 大使

团队成员自 2019 年起担任 Polkadot 大使

Kusama NFT 战略团队成员

Kusama NFT 战略团队成员

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