Quartz Staking is Live

Punks for the People — Democratization of Premium Digital Assets

An Epic Quest for the Future of NFTs
Secure your fraction of a Substrapunk and Cryptopunk #3042

Timeline Project

2nd June

Nominate your Substrapunk to star in an epic quest.

A hero is amongst us, one who would rise to the challenge of breaking free from the restrictions of our present world and free us to build the new.
The community is listing their Substrapunk for 100KSM
List your substrapunk (if you have one) to star in an epic new quest.

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9th June

Unique brings a CryptoPunk NFT to Polkadot, to be fractionalised & given to the community.

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17th June

Unique Chronicles pt 1. Introducing Monique

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Meet Monique, or better known as, Cryptopunk #3042.

Coming soon, stay tuned!