UN-Habitat, IAAI GLOCHA, Exquisite Workers, and Unique Network came together to develop an innovative initiative to engage youth around the world and generate funds for climate change: #DigitalArt4Climate. 


To address the climate crisis, the United Nations understands the need to use any tool available to inspire people to commit to serious action on climate change. We believe that uniting digital innovations (IoT, data marketplaces, NFTs) with social innovations (new forms of multi-stakeholder cooperation) will lead to scalable and high participatory systems. We have found Unique Network's innovative and flexible infrastructure to be the leading platform that will help us deliver high impact climate action. With this initiative we will drive the benefits of a society-wide mobilization of resources and people’s energies to make a sustainable world happen.

Miroslav Polzer, the founder and CEO of GLOCHA

The Problem 

UN-Habitat and IAAI GLOCHA needed a blockchain partner for their Digital Art 4 Climate initiative. 

The goal of the initiative was to engage youth to create digital art in order to fight climate change. In line with the goal of the project, they needed a sustainable NFT platform on which to build. 

IAAI GLOCHA and UN Habitat faced multiple challenges:

  • Need for sustainable infrastructure 

  • Lack of development resources 

  • Desire to keep fees low to return the largest amount of funds to charity 

  • Broad audience, who will not necessarily have a crypto wallet 

The Solution

UN-Habitat and IAAI GLOCHA chose Unique Network as their blockchain partner for Digital Art For Climate. 

Unique Network is building: 

  • A sustainable minting option built on a proof-of-stake network, Polkadot 

  • Technology consultation and development support 

  • Low fees (being built on a proof-of-stake network) 

  • Flexible payment options to break down the access barriers


The team hosted an art competition with winners from across the world, whose art was showcased at COP26, in Glasgow in the UK. 

208 artworks from 58 countries were submitted and 30 beautiful art pieces were selected.

The DigitalArt4Climate Marketplace will go live in June 2022.

About Digital4Climate

The United Nations announced 2021 as the Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development to recognise the value of creativity as a powerful resource for sustainable development and climate action. DigitalArt4Climate in partnership with UN-Habitat is an initiative to accelerate that force.

The DigitalArt4Climate is an unprecedented multi-stakeholder partnership initiative which uses blockchain technology to turn art into digital assets or NFTs, which can be collected and traded, thus opening up a socio-technological innovation space which helps to unlock extraordinary potential for resource mobilization and climate empowerment.