Vernissage and Unique Network are working together to develop a digital art community around NFTs. 


“We’re not blockchain developers, but we understood that Polkadot should be our solution,” said Vernissage co-founder Richard Zalan. “You need to talk to Alex [Mitrovich], a friend told me,” Richard continued. “I remember the first conversation well. Both of us immediately realized what I was looking for—and that Unique Network was already working on it. We felt an immediate connection.”

The Problem 

The team at Vernissage wanted to go beyond the typical NFT experience to create a true community.

Vernissage faced key challenges: 

  • Lack of blockchain development resources 

  • Need for accessibility to a wider audience 

  • Desire for sustainability 

  • Need for advanced interactive features 

The Solution 

Vernissage selected Unique Network to develop their community-focused NFT platform

Unique Network provided: 

  • Easy-to-integrate whitelabeled solutions that don’t require blockchain development

  • Marketplace and wallet customization tools and low transaction fees

  • Sustainability through Polkadot’s technology 

  • Advanced features, galleries, NFT interactivity, and more 

About Vernissage

Vernissage is an online platform for artists and creators to build community. Vernissage is an NFT gallery, but with social features. Vernissage is community-first, and will consist of a DAO and community initiatives while bridging Web2 and Web3 concepts of online community.