Unique Network is providing the fuel needed to drive Vernissage forward, creating a joint venture that through a digital art-focused community, uses NFT artwork to confront relevant societal issues.

Founder's Message

Although we are not experts in blockchain technology, we determined Polkadot would be the ideal solution for us. I distinctly recall our initial discussion. We both understood what I was looking for right away— that Unique Network was already working on it, and we had a strong connection straight away.

Vernissage co-founder, Richard Zalan

The Opportunity

The Vernissage team aimed to go beyond the typical NFT experiences to inspire a true digital art community by transforming how NFT artists create and take ownership of their art.

However, as Vernissage sought a platform that could provide the interactive components to support its ever-growing art community, it faced formidable issues.

  1. A lack of blockchain development tools and resources made the building processes complex and impractical.
  2. Challenges connecting with an appropriate audience of Web2 and Web3 users.
  3. Difficulties locating a solution that met their need for sustainability.

How we Helped

Through our partnership, Unique Network provided Vernissage with solutions to manage its community preferences as well as spur project growth. Here's how:

  • Easy-to-integrate white-labeled solutions that don’t require complicated blockchain development processes.
  • Specialized marketplace and wallet customization tools.
  • Sustainability through Polkadot’s technology combined with low transaction fees.
  • Advanced features, galleries, NFT interactivity, and more.

The Results

NFTs provide a way to assign ownership and establish scarcity for digital artworks, which can be especially important for digital artists who want to protect their intellectual property and earn a fair price for their creations.

NFTs are stored on a decentralized network and are more resistant to censorship than traditional centralized platforms. This can be useful for artists who want to create and share work that addresses controversial or sensitive societal issues.

Next-gen NFTs, such as the RFTs can also be programmed to include interactive elements, such as games or other forms of user engagement. This can help create more immersive and interactive experiences within digital art communities.

Products Used

  • Unique SDK
  • Refungible (RFT) tokens

About Vernissage

Vernissage is a community-first platform/NFT gallery for a global community of emerging artists, collectors, and curators. Our artists use their fine art skills and novel technologies to create daring, inspiring, meaningful, and responsive artwork to societal issues.