Unique (UNQ) is now listed on Huobi.


Following the team's presentation and surprise showcase at the first Polkadot official meetup in Vietnam in October, November has been quite eventful for Unique Network. In addition to new strategic partnerships and the release of novel product features — co-hosting COP27 was an absolute pleasure.

Along with Lemonade social, the collaboration aims to proliferate easy access to valuable blockchain resources and education among the masses.

Unique Network launched Nested NFTs — an advanced capability that allows you to build customized NFT relationships and layered access management.

Perspectives on powering Climate Action via NFTs—key insights from our CEO Alexander Mitrovich at COP27

Hello, Uniques!
Following September’s update, we’re back on the blog to keep the community updated on what’s been happening! Read on below to catch up!

Hello, Uniques!
Following August’s update, we’re back on the blog to kick off the fall season in fine style! Read on below to catch up on what’s happening.

Every developer needs a handy toolkit to get the job done—and build things efficiently! A well-built toolkit that’s optimized for specific tasks not only speeds up development but makes it more robust and helps avoid the snags of frequent bugs and unnecessary complexity.

Another step in our mission to create limitless potential for the NFT creators, developers, and communities of the blockchain.  

Check out these three demos from our winning project teams to learn more about how our nested NFT technology fuels mass adoption-ready solutions for advanced management of digital assets powered by NFTs.

When web2 and centralized events and ticketing platforms give you lemons, make Lemonade!

Hello, Uniques! Following July’s late month update, we’re back on the blog to close out this action-packed summer and what’s been an exciting August for our blockchain and community.

You listed, you voted! Now it’s time to share the Substrapunk NFT that will be fractionalized to join Monique (aka CryptoPunk #3042) on her quest to save the blockchain. But first, we need your help….

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