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Explore our network of purpose-built NFT blockchains that make your wildest, most experimental NFT dreams come true. Built on Substrate, while providing a Javascript SDK and a REST-based toolset they provide an easy to master rapid and versatile development platform for the most advanced NFT feature set available on any platform.

Unique Quartz Opal Testnet

A Polkadot Parachain

A new user-friendly platform to implement extreme innovation in the next generation of NFTs. Built on Substrate, Unique provides you with the most versatile options for discovering and democratizing the NFT ecosystem and marketplaces (with very low barriers for entry).

The Unique blockchain is home to the polished, tried, and tested (release) feature set of the entire Unique ecosystem. It adheres to the common Polkadot ecosystem approach of separating early development product phases and the experimental feature-set-evolving process from the release pool, thus providing the most reliability and security to the platform.

The Unique blockchain is the product’s iteration final release, providing the best user experience and ensuring a reliable and stable platform for the ecosystem.

A Kusama Parachain

The canary chain of Unique Network, Quartz, provides you with prompt and convenient access to the full spectrum of essential and advanced NFT Tools, accelerating your journey to building the NFT dApp of your dreams. The Quartz chain is the experimental ground on which new network features are stress-tested and honed to their full potential. A platform where cutting-edge features meet real-world use cases.

Every product has a road map, and every road map lists features scheduled to be introduced and integrated. The Quartz network provides a platform for the real-world testing of novel features and solutions. It is a way to test intangible parameters like ‘is an update well received?’ or ‘are there aspects that arise from everyday use that we did not anticipate?’.

When testing new features, nothing beats live product testing. As a feature matures and is well-adopted by users, it becomes an integral part of an established and trusted application or platform.

A Testnet by Unique Network

Opal, a testnet from Unique Network, tracks the progress of the Quartz network and provides a platform to experiment with solutions and measure the success of projects incurring costs. It allows you to interact with all blockchain features in a safe and costless environment.

A test network is an essential tool for DApp development. It is a sandbox where any new idea can be run on-chain. Since transaction fees are paid with valueless native OPL tokens, using the Opal test chain incurs no development costs. This is the chain on which new ideas are hatched and evolved.

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