Unique Staking Hub is Live

Start Building Your NFT Application With Unique Network

Leverage the power of the Unique SDK alongside the capabilities of the Polkadot and Kusama networks and integrate advanced NFT technology solutions into your applications.

Why Build On The Unique Network

Unique’s Native Chain Capabilities

Native Features Unique Network Ethereum Polygon BSC Immutable X Flow
Native Capabilities without having to deploy smart contracts NFTswithout smart contracts
Re-Fungible Tokens collective ownership
Nested NFTs
Sponsorship of Transaction
Transaction fee Per Mint (Approx) <$0.001 20-50$ <$1 2$ 0$ <$1
100% built for NFT Games and Marketplaces
TPS 6000 15 7000 65 9000 1000
Consensus Nominated PoS PoS PoS PoS PoS PoS

True cross-chain communication

Native Features Unique Network Ethereum Polygon BSC Immutable X Flow
EVM complatibility
Cross-Chain Communication capabilities Easy Hard Hard Hard Hard Hard
Minting using Polkadot wallets
Minting using Ethereum wallets

Unparalleled Environmental Efficiency

Polkadot Ethereum 2.0 Tezos
Annual Consumption 2 GWh 70 GWh 2.5 GWh
Wh per Block 417 Wh 31 kWh 2.4 kWh
CO2 per Block 0.14 kg 10 kg 0.8 kg
CO2 per NFT Transfer 0.03 g * 30 g 0.7 g
CO2 per NFT Mint 0.05 g * breath for 4 seconds ~45 g 9 full smart phone charges 1.1 g shoot 1 hour video
* The number relates to a regular balance transfer multiplied by an appropriate factor because NFTs dont’t exist on Polkadot

Your Approach To Get Started

On Unique, you can build your dApps on both the Substrate and Ethereum infrastructure. With EVM-compatibility, you can create your applications just like on Ethereum.

Substrate-first Approach
Build your dApp and leverage all advanced native chain capabilities through SDKs:

  • Use our SDKs, Subsquid, Subquery, and Polkadot.js to build your Substrate-first applications
  • Use Advanced features through SDKs

EVM-first Approach
Build a project on the Ethereum RPC. If you are already running a marketplace on other chains or are familiar with other chain stack

Do everything as usual

Write smart contracts with Solidity, deploy with Hardhat, Truffle or Remix

Manage transactions with Metamask or any Ethereum wallet

Fully compatible Ethereum RPC is waiting for you!

Our Chains

Each of the Unique Network chains that are available for implementing dapps has a specific role

Main parachain with mature features on Polkadot

A parachain for new feature adoption and maturing on Kusama

A testnet for early R&D on it’s own relay chain