Learn about how our two sustainability-focused teams will work together to educate the blockchain community of creators, developers, NFT entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Our Web3 wizard will lead a workshop on 15th Feb on creating your own NFT ecosystem for devs and non-devs alike!

We’re excited today to announce that Quartz will be listed on MEXC on 8th February at 13:00 UTC.

UNQ token sale, AMAs, our 2022 vision, and two new next-generation NFT products. Here’s what happened in January!

Say hello to our new testnet and collection of products as we head into 2022.

Diamond in the Rough—our token event for the community—officially ended on 13th January with over $11.2 million raised from over 7900 supporters.

Along with a recap of last year's key moments, we’re taking an opportunity to share our vision for the next quarter and beyond.

Unique Network brings a monumental year to its close with final details of our token sale, Quartz rewards distribution, year-end partnerships, and an AMA for the ages. Check it out.

Following the Quartz crowdloan win and official live deployment as a Kusama Network parachain, we’re sharing details of QTZ token distribution and vesting model for our loyal community!

The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) will use Unique Network’s NFT marketplace infrastructure for ecological conservation and regeneration projects as part of their upcoming Hackathon.

Quartz Parachain win! UNQ token sale! Alexander Mitrovich at NFT NYC 2021! UN art competition winners! Xmas came early for the Unique Network community. Read all about it.

Nov 25, 2021

Diamond in the Rough

At Unique Network we had a great last few months. In October we closed the second round of pre-sale bringing the total funds raised so far to $16 million. On 15th November, powered by the support of our amazing Unique Community, Quartz won the parachain slot auction on the Kusama network.

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