Unique ($UNQ) will be listed on Huobi on the 28th September 2022.


We are introducing a new home for bundling your refungible (RFT) tokens, which you can trade as an NFT. Register for “Punks for the People” to claim a free Chest!

Long ago in a universe far, far away. No, we're not talking about that story, but another one, the story of Cryptopunk #3042, better known as Monique, and the Ethereum universe.

We have secured Cryptopunk #3042, the start of a journey to free it from the shackles of Ethereum and into the hands of our community. The Pluriverse is waiting—and our quest is about to begin.

Polkadot launch, MintFest results, Consensus Austin, and a new epic quest for the future of NFTs.

MintFest, our debut NFT competition and festival for the Quartz community, came to a close last month following our recent win of a parachain on Polkadot.

Following our crowdloan win back in April, it’s finally time to share next steps for our token generation event and full deployment on Polkadot.

Something big is coming to Unique and Polkadot. Want to be a part of a historic new story? List your spunk now for 100 KSM, and get ready for a special vote by our community.

A day and a half’s worth of energy consumption in a typical household. Operating a refrigerator for one month. Riding an average car for 192 km. A single NFT transfer on Ethereum. What do all of these actions (and one transaction) have in common? They all equate to around 48 kg of CO2 emitted.

Following the use of Unique’s low-carbon NFT infrastructure during the Sovereign Nature Initiative’s (SNI) Winter 2022 Hackathon Challenge in February 2022, we’re excited up to share news of the sustainability-focused blockchain nonprofit’s upcoming event, Experimental Zone #1, happening on May 21 in Amsterdam.

Polkadot parachain win, Quartz x Karura, Unique Ambassadors & lots more!

From crowdloan rewards and bonuses to MintFest winners, find out what’s coming up following our team’s monumental win!

Bootstrap mode begins on 13th April with 2,000,000 QTZ, 3000 aUSD and 1500 KAR in incentives

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