Unique’s Community Ambassadors will play a critical role in the continued growth of the network and vision for the Web3 NFT ecosystem.

Today, Unique Network is excited to share more details about our Unique Community Ambassador Program! The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for dedicated community members to be involved in the day to day growth of the ecosystem and direction of the project.

Keep reading for more information — or dive in head first and apply to be an Ambassador!

Who are We?

Unique Network is a blockchain built to facilitate the future of Web3 through composable NFTs and advanced economies — all on a scalable and secure infrastructure. Built for Kusama and Polkadot, Unique is steered by a team with deep Web2 and Web3 knowledge, dedicated to ushering in decentralized, interoperable, and accessible technologies. The Unique development team consists of over 20 developers with longstanding Web3 experience and proven backgrounds of delivering secure, user-friendly, and scalable blockchain applications over the years.

Who are You?

The Ambassador Program is a search for valuable contributors from the Unique community to influence the progress of the project. We at Unique know that Web3 networks are nothing without their communities, and we know there is always more for us to learn from the individuals who have been with us along the way. Ambassadors are among the most involved, engaged, and knowledgeable members of the community — and we’re excited to invite you (even more!) into the fold.

Who are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are:

  • Passionate about Web3 and NFTs and believe deeply in Unique’s solution.

  • Familiar with Unique, and eager to get even more involved with the team and help the project grow.

  • Eager to connect directly with the Unique team to give and receive feedback about the project.

  • Interested in growing their network among and beyond the Unique community.

  • Already community members with a proven track record of self-driven leadership.

  • Most importantly, excited to impact the growth of Unique!

Responsibilities of Ambassadors

Generally, we plan to have five types of ambassadors: Event Organizers, Content Creators, Developers, Community Moderators, and Regional Representatives.

We anticipate the responsibilities of Community Ambassadors to change over time as the needs of the community and the project evolve. However, we can expect some recurring responsibilities right off the bat:

  • Create content to educate about Unique Network through videos, blog & editorial, social media, tutorials, and more!

  • Serve as regional representatives for Unique, focusing on community growth and moderation, meetup planning, evangelism, and translation.

  • Help with Unique’s business development by seeking out partnership and project opportunities.

  • Help shape the Ambassador Program by participating in internal ambassador calls.

Benefits of Being a Unique Ambassador

We’re always looking for ways to give back to our contributors. As an Ambassador, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • An Ambassador Highlight, giving you the stage to introduce yourself to the community and what you’ll be doing with the Unique Team.

  • You’ll be top of mind for Unique events as the team travels around the world to spread the message of the network.

  • Swag! NFT badges, gifts, special community status, and more.

  • Special programming and coding sessions with the Unique Team to accelerate your ability to leverage the network and support the community.

  • Rewards! As this program expands, we will explore rewarding ambassadors with UNQ and QTZ tokens. 

How to Become an Ambassador

The million dollar question! The process for becoming a Unique Community Ambassador is the following:

  1. Apply to be an Ambassador through our Application Form.

  2. We’ll onboard you as a candidate and kick off the process.

  3. As a candidate, you’ll get to know the Unique team and the other ambassadors, and will participate in community and growth activities with everyone.

  4. During this process, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and define the role you’d like as an ambassador.

Get started and apply!