AngelHack's Redeemable NFTs: Rewarding developer experiences with tangible value and social signals.

Unique Network and AngelHack, a world-leading developer ecosystem and marketing platform, have joined forces to create a community of developers who use NFTs to showcase their skill sets.

As part of this partnership, we’ll release a collectible series of redeemable NFTs for Polkadot Hackathon APAC: 2023 participants and DOT Seoul Attendees.

Polkadot envisions a future internet where people have more control over their data and privacy. AngelHack is a key partner in this mission, bringing together creators and developers worldwide to build on Polkadot. The hackathon provides a platform for participants to showcase their skills and creativity and contribute to the growth of the DOT ecosystem.

Participants can win a customizable and redeemable NFT collection to symbolize their accomplishments.

More about the NFT collection

Each registrant will receive a Polkadot Global Series Avatar NFT.

Avatar NFTs will be distributed to all registrants on a first-come, first-served basis. Jacket NFTs will be distributed to a select group of registrants who meet certain criteria, such as submitting a hackathon project or attending the PolkadotSocial event in Seoul. Each Hoodie NFT will also receive a Pin NFT that can be worn on top of the hoodie.

The NFT collection for this event is a unique and exciting way for participants to connect, engage and show off their hackathon participation and skills. The customizable nature of redeemable NFTs allows NFT owners to don a pink hoodie or a black one - depending on the mood of the day, they can then wear a pin to showcase their presence in Seoul during Korea Blockchain Week. The SoulBound nature of the NFTs ensures they'll forever be with the original participant, creating a strong and vibrant community of developers in the AngelHack ecosystem

Polkadot Hackathon Participants to Innovate with Dynamic NFTs on Unique Network

On September 7th, 2023, the excitement will peak at the demo day in Seoul where various hackathon teams will showcase their expertise and innovation to propel Polkadot to new heights.

The program offers support and guidance to teams in Web3, focusing on building investable ideas and scalability and forming partnerships with specialized parachain teams in five tracks: Interfaces & Experiences, ink! Smart Contracts, Web3 & Tooling, XCM Integration, Mass Adoption, including Astar, Moonbeam, Bifrost, etc.

For Unique, developers will be tasked with creating a unique NFT collection called #Custom NFT, which comprises Dynamic NFTs capable of retaining alternative or mutated states. The developers' task is to create a web interface with two main components:

  1. SIGNAL SOURCES (input streams like coin tickers or weather data)
  2. MUTATORS (operators to change NFT attributes).

This interface will enable linking a SOURCE to a MUTATOR, applying it to NFT attributes (e.g., images or gifs) on Unique Network, a supporting ecosystem partner.

Rewards will be given according to participation and achievement levels. All participants who submit a project will receive exclusively minted NFTs. Top achievers will also receive redeemable NFTs that can be redeemed for exclusive experiences and fashion items.

The collaborative NFT collectibles series: How to claim your NFT

The Unique Network and AngelHack collaboration provides a memorable and rewarding experience for Polkadot Hackathon APAC 2023 participants.

Here's how it works:

Registration phase

At, Soulbound NFTs will be awarded to hackathon participants and PolkadotSocial attendees. Participants who complete specific assignments, as defined by AngelHack, will receive a customizable, equipable feature along with each base NFT.

A select group of registrants who submit hackathon projects will receive an additional base Pink Hoodie NFT.

PolkadotSocial:Seoul attendees will also receive an additional base Black Hoodie NFT.

Claiming NFTs

  1. After successful registration, each participant receives an AngelHack Nested NFT, an avatar image NFT that can be viewed in Unique Wallet. This marks the beginning of their NFT collection journey.

  2. Select participants will receive a second NFT as a wearable NFT, which can be further customized with pins based on AngelHack's criteria. These pins are awarded upon successful completion of assignments.

  3. Additionally, a smaller group of qualified registrants will be awarded 40 limited-edition hoodie NFTs, each featuring unique wearable pins that further personalize their collections.

Recipient Group NFTs included
Hackathon Registrants Avatar NFTs
Dot Seoul Registrants Avatar NFTs
Submissions Purple and Pink Jacket (Equippable), Pins
Seoul Attendees Black Jacket (Equippable), Pins

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