Get ready for the major NFT Developer Grant Fund of the year — leading the next in NFTs and Digital Assets: Announcing the $250,000 NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant! Inspiring you to develop Customizable NFTs and explore the utility that advanced NFTs have to show. Learn more about how you can get involved in this exciting grant opportunity below:

The NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant fund is aimed at bringing like-minded developers, designers and enthusiasts together, to explore and create innovative solutions using cutting-edge NFT technologies.

Driving the next wave of NFTs for all to explore; NFTs. 2.0 sees a future where we elevate engagement, and true proprietary ownership with NFTs, digital assets and Web3. Leading this initiative of the next generation of NFTs 2.0 is Unique Network; pioneering the future with Customizable NFTs. Now is the time to take up the challenge and bring your NFTs to life!

This whopping $250,000 grant focuses on strengthening your knowledge and delivering utility of all the different types of NFTs, such as Customizable NFTs, Composable NFTs, Nested NFTs, Bundled NFTs, Dynamic NFTs, Multi-asset NFTs, and Multi-resource NFTs.

Get ready to jump into the world of NFTs 2.0 and unleash your imagination as you embark on the journey to craft your personalized dApp and Micro dApp!

Pushing NFT Boundaries

As NFTs continue to grow and develop, and here at Unique Network we work to strive to push NFT boundaries to their limits, we see the power that lies with blockchain technology and the opportunities that NFTs provide.

And now here comes our biggest and greatest NFT challenges for the year — preparing you to build the next generation of NFTs for years to come!

Introducing our one-of-a-kind NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant — pushing the boundaries of NFTs and the capabilities they hold.

You will notice the main theme for our grant fund is advanced NFTs, inspiring you to take on the challenge to invent something new and utilize the power of advanced NFTs in creative ways that haven’t been seen before.

Ever wanted to create an NFT collection with full customization capabilities and bring your NFTs to life? Do you want to do more than just create a boring NFT JPEG collection? Wanted to build the next big thing people are talking about?

Well, now you can take your NFTs to a whole new level! All you’ve got to do is think of different ways and create innovate utility packages or fully-fledged dApps and Micro dApps with exciting tools and advanced NFTs.

  • Discover new groundbreaking use cases with the next generation of NFTs — inspiring you to develop something extraordinary!
  • Join an exciting collaborative developer environment and become part of the friendly Unique Network dev community.
  • Feature your incredible work and the power that advanced NFTs hold to the world!

The capabilities are endless and you will develop skills along your journey to help you with your development plans and strengthen your overall developing skills within the blockchain and NFT space! And you will be shaping the future with your creative ideas.

Want to build an exciting product, and get started on your journey to make an impact in the Web3 world with your next innovation? Learn more below to get started!

MusicMoon Receives one of the first grants to Revolutionize the Music Industry with Advanced Tooling

MusicMoon (previously known as LoopNFT) aims to democratize music by leveraging blockchain and advanced NFTs, empowering artists to control their creations and earnings independently of major labels.

With their dApp, MusicMoon aims to challenge the power of major music labels over indie artists, which will shape the future of Web3 and empower blockchain developers with advanced NFT capabilities.

Not only that, MusicMoon’s selection for Polkadot Blockchain Academy underscores their commitment to enhancing Web3 for the music industry, and also becoming the proud winners of the Polkadot APAC Hackathon event in 2023.

DED Games Receives a Grant to Level Up Blockchain Gaming with Unique NFTs for the Polkadot Community

Let’s welcome our next early recipient of the grant, DED Games! To honour the dedicated $DED community and their vision of an interconnected DED community, they are looking to further develop their project, DED MINE, and their game, DED GAMES — implementing the Unique Network NFT SDK as part of their Web3 integration!

Not only that, this full Web3 integration, made by the ecosystem, for the ecosystem, will enable players to access their portal within DED GAMES and participate in fun games — bringing all ecosystems from different parts of the world, together within the Polkadot network. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience a fun time, whether competing with friends, and co-workers or simply enjoying a fun game trying to reach the top of the leaderboards.

DED MINE is Live!

You can now start playing DED MINE! Claim the DedBird, bounce it off walls and smash bricks like there is no tomorrow.

Can you beat the others in this fun shooter arcade game? Start playing below:

Sign in with your preferred wallet address, enter your name (agree that DOT is DED!) and start playing. Don’t forget to share your results on social media!

To view your DedBird NFT, head over to the Unique Network Explorer here or in the Unique Wallet.

Since pushing out our bounty announcement last year in December, we were excited to see that the team approached us and wanted to collaborate — we love what they’re building and we’re excited to see what the future holds!

How to Get Involved!

Getting involved is easy!

Do you align with our vision of NFTs 2.0? Are you interested in building something different? If you already have an idea to use advanced NFT capabilities to create a micro dApp, please fill in this form here.

From time to time we will announce challenges for specific outcomes — like we did for the DED game bounty. Stay tuned to our channels!

There will be an assessment criteria for your submitted idea which will mainly focus on the use of advanced NFTs and community usage and benefits by the tools/dApps you build. We will specify these when we discuss your grant application.

Once your project idea is submitted, you will hear from us within one week.

You will also need to join our Developer Telegram chat. Please join here:

We also highly recommend keeping an eye out on our social media, such as X (prev: Twitter), to get the latest information about the challenges so you don’t miss a thing!

We’ll see you there!

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