The Polkadot community has voted in an Open Governance system to sponsor superstar Conor Daly in the upcoming Indianapolis 500 in May! Join us as we celebrate Polkadot at the Indianapolis 500 with a minting contest to support him during his race and learn more about the racer in our '10 Things to Know About Conor Daly Before the Race' article. Learn more below:

Brief Summary

On the 9th of April, it was announced that the Polkadot community voted in Polkadot’s Open Governance system (OpenGov) to sponsor race car driver, Conor Daly, in the upcoming Indianapolis 500 in May, 2024.

He will be racing by and cheering on his fans, all wrapped up in beautiful pink DOT, becoming a true ambassador for Polkadot and showcasing the power of blockchain decentralization, transparency, and trust.

This is the first time a major sports sponsorship has been decided by a community vote using blockchain technology.

In Conor’s words:

“We’re bringing power back to the people while making sports history”.


Minting Competition: Celebrating Polkadot at Indianapolis 500!


To celebrate alongside the Polkadot community and cheer Conor on for his upcoming race, we’re hosting a minting competition – and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Join us and stand a chance to be one of the 25 lucky participants to win $500 in DOT!

Together, we’re showcasing the unity and creativity of the Polkadot community in support of Conor.

Competition Details:

  • The competition will run from the 16th of April - the 3rd of May, 2024.
  • There will be 2 sets of different tasks to complete - so be sure to keep an eye out for changes and new tasks.
  • The competition will be hosted on Zealy, an easy, and user-friendly platform.
  • Prizes: 25 lucky participants will be randomly selected to win $500 in DOT.

Join the competition and show your love for Conor:

Important Notes:

This competition is not affiliated in any way with Conor Daly or any commercial brands and is solely created for the Polkadot community to come together in support of Conor in his upcoming race.

Everything created, (e.g. NFTs and content on social media) is uniquely created by the Polkadot community as a gesture of goodwill and good luck for Conor.

Get to Know Conor Daly

Ok racing fans, here are our Top 10 Facts to get to know superstar Conor Daly:

#1 Indiana is his home-state

If you didn’t know, Conor Daly is from Indiana (IN) in the United States, well-known for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (and for having the highest seating capacity in the world of 235,000), their vast amount of limestone and farmlands.

#2 Conor’s love for racing!

Conor Daly has a passion for racing and first started karting at the age of 10. His love for racing is evidently shown through his career with 108 races over 10 years.

#3 Gotta catch ‘em all

Conor has a sweet spot for Pokémon — the biggest Japanese franchise in the world. His love for the game, cards and show doesn’t just stop there, in 2022 he customised his own racing helmet to include an all-Pokémon theme:

#4 Indy race car driver

If you haven’t guessed, Conor is a race driver! He’s currently well known for racing in the Indycar series in Indianapolis and is presently set on track to be racing in the Indy 500 in May, with a Polkadot sponsorship — voted by the Polkadot community in an Open Governance system; with no centralized entity, no middleman and all transparent on the blockchain.

Check out the official post here:

#5 Public speaker and Polkadot ambassador

Since winning the Polkadot sponsorship deal from the Polkadot OpenGov vote, Conor has become the go-to ambassador and public speaker for Polkadot; breaking down barriers of knowledge and highlighting the opportunities that blockchain has to offer, making it easy for anyone to understand from all kinds of backgrounds.

Check out his video on Polkadot and how he explains Polkadot as the “Swiss Army Knife” for the new internet:

#6 Passion for games

When he’s not on the race track, Conor is gaming over on his Twitch account with his 9.1k followers. He’s an avid gamer, playing from casual PC games like Apex Legends to racing on the big screen in iRacing.

#7 The Amazing Race, Season 30

The Amazing Race Show is an American reality TV show where teams of two compete against each other in races all around the world. They must work together to win the ultimate, grand cash prize.

In Season 30 of the show, Conor and his teammate (NTT INDYCAR SERIES competitor) Alex Rossi positioned in 4th place of the show.

#8 Fighting Strong

Conor lives with Type 1 Diabetes, an auto-immune disease where the pancreas no longer produces insulin. Conor strives to raise awareness of the condition and helps kids all around the world with the same disease to feel more empowered and confident.

#9 Raced at NASCAR

Not only has he raced in Indycar, but Conor has also taken the wheels and raced in three NASCAR races in the NASCAR Cup Series, before moving on to the NASCAR Xfinity with two races.

#10 Family of racers and sports enthusiasts

As for our final fact, and “get to know Conor” series, if you didn’t know, Conor comes from a family of racers and sports enthusiasts! He is the son of Irish racing driver, Derek Daly. His first cousin, Nicola Daly is Ireland women's field hockey international and works in the motorsport industry as a data engineer.

That’s it! We know fans out there want to learn more and we hope you learned something new about your favourite racer.

Don’t forget to enter the minting competition (#PolkadotLovesConor) and be in the chance to win some prizes and show support for Conor as he takes the race tracks and speeds away at the Indianapolis 500 in May!

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