Unique Network’s Token Event for the Community —
Diamond in the Rough

At Unique Network we had a great last few months. In October we closed the second round of pre-sale bringing the total funds raised so far to $16 million. On the 15th of November, powered by the support of our amazing Unique Community, Quartz won the parachain slot auction on the Kusama network.

We are now marching forward to prepare for a token event—Diamond in the Rough. Diamond in the Rough is meant for the core community and our supporters to obtain Unique Tokens (UNQ) ahead of Unique Network participating in the Polkadot Crowdloan in the first half of 2022.

We are excited to share with the community all the details we have so far about the token sale.

  • Dates: January 2022
  • Tokens Allocated for this event: 80,000,000 (Upto 8% of the total supply of 1 bln. UNQ)
    • Upto 5% for the Whitelisted Round and
    • Upto 3% for the Public Sale (First come, first served basis)
  • Token Price: USD 0.25
  • Vesting: 3 months linear vesting (every block) from TGE
  • Eligibility: residents of the USA and People’s Republic of China are not qualified to participate in the token sale. For restrictions in other countries, please refer to the FAQ.

Diamond in the Rough will be executed in two rounds.

1. Whitelisted Round

  1. Eligibility Criteria: this round is for whitelisted addresses that:
    — have participated in the Quartz Crowdloan or
    — have applied to be an Ambassador on or before Friday, 26th November, 10 a.m. UTC or
    — own a Chelobrick or a Substrapunk at the time of snapshot on Monday, 6th December, 2021.

  2. We plan to allocate upto 5% of the total Token Supply to this round.

  3. You will need to follow a two-step process: Whitelisting and KYC.

We will carry out whitelist registration for three different groups separately:

  1. For the Quartz crowdloan participants. Wait for the official announcement next week.

  2. For the Applicants of the Ambassador Program. Look-out for the e-mail next week.

  3. For Chelobrick or Substrapunk owners. More details will be shared in the official announcement after 6th December, 2021.

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2. Public Sale Round

  1. Criteria: anyone who is not eligible to be whitelisted can participate in the public sale round. This round will commence after the first round of token sale is over. It will be conducted on a first come first serve basis. So keep an eye out for the announcements.

  2. If the 5% allocation is filled in the first round for the Whitelisted Community, we will open up another 3% allocation for the public sale.

  3. You will need to complete KYC.

We will announce a KYC-link on our channels as soon as KYC opens.

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Unique Network is designed to build NFT use cases of the future. We are just getting started. Diamond in the Rough is an early opportunity to be a part of our community!

View all details and FAQ for Diamond in the Rough here