A new milestone has been set! Interactive storytelling Web3-based game, Forever Has Fallen, has successfully minted 4930 NFTs per minute on Polkadot, surpassing previous records set by Polygon and Solana! Read more below:

The fastest NFT mint in the history of top 20 blockchains is here! Forever Has Fallen has successfully minted 4930 Bounty Hunter Tickets per minute with Unique on the Polkadot Network - paving the way for the world’s first interactive story-telling Web3 experience.

You might have remembered we spoke a bit about our partnership with Forever Has Fallen in a previous blog.

Now it’s time to expand further about our collaboration.

Forever Has Fallen & Unique Network: Achieving the Fastest NFT Mint on Polkadot!

With the help of Unique Network’s technology, more specifically, the NFT pallet, Forever Has Fallen has successfully minted 4930 Bounty Hunter ticket NFTs per minute with Unique Network, on Polkadot - Making this the fastest NFT mint in the history of top 20 blockchains by market cap*

But, why do we need fast minting?

  1. Blockchain is still ever-evolving, and at times, can still be extremely slow. The ability to speed mint improves UX as it dramatically reduces waiting time.
  2. Minting speed has proven that app developers can ramp up the production of NFTs quickly and cost-effectively to onboard millions of people onto Web3.

Want to register for your own free Bounty Hunter Ticket and grab a free entry to experience Forever Has Fallen?

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This is a significant milestone for true mass adoption of Web3-based games using blockchain technology, especially on Polkadot, as it surpasses previous records set by other chains, such as Polygon (1450 NFTs per minute) and Solana (1428 NFTs per minute), highlighting that Polkadot’s infrastructure is the fastest, most efficient and reliable chain for mass-minting NFTs - making it the go-to for web3 gaming projects.

Founder of Forever Has Fallen, Kimon Lycos, commented:

It’s fair to say that infrastructure investment in Polkadot and other platforms appreciates in value with more mass adoption to use the infrastructure. Because our production is first and foremost about fun, we want Web3 elements to be under the hood, and to have this type of speed will enable a Web2 type experience of instant gratification.

Summary of Events

During our testing performance, we conducted 3 test stages in which we each compared the amount of NFTs that could be minted per block/minute, in addition to averaging the total time to ensure as each stage went by, we were able to mint a vast amount of NFTs in a short amount of time — all while utilising the least amount of gas spent during the process and top of the notch advanced technology.

Our forecasted results:

Test stage 1 2
NFTs minted per block/minute 89/222.5 Up to 986/4930
Total time 7 hours and 29 minutes 36 seconds 20 minutes and 24 seconds
Transfer speed per block/minute 299/1495 Up to 487/2345
Gas spent 4500 UNQ 4436.17 UNQ

Note: As we wait for Asynchronous Backing by the Polkadot dev team, stage 3 still needs to be completed.

We initiated our first batch by minting 89 NFTs, approximately every second block until we increased the amount to 1080 NFTs per block/minute.

Compared to other major chains on Ethereum, such as Solana, the major difference we found as we conducted this experiment, is that all our NFTs are stored on-chain, while Solana's compressed NFTs (cNFTs) are stored off-chain in a merkle tree. Only the root and some canopy depth of this tree are recorded on the on-chain ledger. This ultimately makes Solana NFTs dependent on cloud storage providers and difficult to transfer and modify, which are the main downsides.

NFT Minting Speed Per Minute


Performance and Testing Results

Our performance timeline helped us identify and address bottlenecks, connection losses, timeouts, and other issues to ensure a smooth minting process. Once asynchronous backing is live, the final batch of NFTs will be minted — we can build blocks every 6 seconds instead of 12, significantly increasing the maximum performance to 4870 NFT transfers per minute.

Forecasted Speed : 4930 NFTs per minute

Actual NFTs minted : 100,000 in 18 min 42 seconds

Approximate minting speed — across 3 batches — 5347.59 NFTs per minute.

Performance Testing Timeline

  1. In September 2023, we measured the time to mint NFTs at different scales, including minting speed, cost, and transfer time.

  2. In November 2023, we deployed release 62 on Unique, which included performance improvements. We minted the second batch of 100,000 NFTs, measured parameters such as gas fees, minting speed, and identified bottlenecks.

  3. In the final stage, we will mint the third batch of 100,000 Forever Has Fallen NFTs once Asynchronous Backing is implemented on the Polkadot Network. We will measure parameters such as gas fees, transfer speed, gas burned, and overall performance.

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How to Register

Each free NFT is a Bounty Hunter Ticket (BHT), granting access to the Hunters Lair where challenges take place.

The Bounty Hunter Ticket registers you for the official launch of Forever Has Fallen and gives you free entry to experience the thrills of Forever Has Fallen, casting you as a Bounty Hunter searching for the truth behind crimes against humanity, helping a tech billionaire on the run to prove his innocence.

Learn how to register here:

  1. Go to the Bounty Hunter Ticket Registration Bot on Telegram here.
    • Note: You will need a Telegram account to register.
  2. Once you’re in, type in the chat /start and click the Registration button.
  3. Enter your preferred email address.
  4. Enter your preferred public wallet address (e.g. Ethereum/Polkadot Wallet).
    • Note: You will need a wallet either from MetaMask or Polkadot.js. Download a wallet if not done already and grab your own public address from there.
  5. Once you’ve entered your address, you’re in! Your free Bounty Hunter Ticket NFT will be sent to you shortly.

Register for your very own free Bounty Hunter Ticket NFT here on Telegram:

By owning one of these NFTs, you become an important part of the Forever Has Fallen community, becoming one of the early adopters of the game and development history!

The Future of Interactive Gameplay in the Metaverse and NFTs

Through Unique Network's technology and the Polkadot SDK, Forever Has Fallen can seamlessly deliver NFTs to players at ultra-high speeds. The upcoming integration of Asynchronous Backing by Polkadot's core developers promises even greater speed and performance improvements, marking a pivotal moment in blockchain and NFT development.

CEO of Unique Network, Alexandar Mitrovic also shared his thoughts on the collaboration:

I am quite thrilled about what the Unique Network Team has achieved. Working on Polkadot offers great flexibility. We are free to optimize the code and forklessly upgrade the chain. Our core developers have been waiting for an opportunity to test a series of performance improvement ideas on a large scale. Forever Has Fallen gave them the opportunity to present a business case that talks to mass consumers.

We’re excited to see where this leads all projects, and how this impacts and advances the Polkadot ecosystem to reach full maximum NFT adoption!

About Forever Has Fallen

Forever Has Fallen is an interactive, story-driven metaverse - using blockchain technology and digital assets (NFTs) to work in the background to deliver players a one-of-a-kind experience like no other before.

Forever Has Fallen has acquired immense attraction among all gamers and enthusiasts alike, where you can navigate the worlds-first, story-driven metaverse.

Participate in their online escape rooms, solve challenges, interact with different characters, earn rewards and last, but not least, get involved in the epic interactive story.

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