Find full details on our upcoming festival to energise the Quartz community and NFT creators — plus reward crowdloan contributors with special bonuses and more!

If you read our latest blog, a deep dive on Unique Network crowdloan rewards and bonus, you caught the first announcement of a new event to help celebrate the Quartz creator community — the MintFest. MintFest will boost even more excitement around one of our new Unique technologies, UniqueMinter, which introduced NFT collection minting. MintFest will help unleash the artist creativity of the Unique NFT community and energise developers who are interested in experiencing the minting tools.

MintFest Bonus for Crowdloan Contribution

To receive a 5% bonus reward for your crowdloan contribution, you will need to mint an NFT collection with at least one NFT on UniqueMinter between 14th March at 2 p.m. UTC and the end of the crowdloan.

You must use the same Substrate address (Unique/DOT/Quartz) to mint your collection and contribute to the Unique Network Crowdloan to be eligible for the 5% bonus reward. You can mint your collection either before or after you participate in the crowdloan.

MintFest Special Reward—For the Creators!

As a special reward (additional to the 5% bonus for participating in MintFest), top selected NFTs by a special art jury, who will judge the collections on their visual appeal, NFT traits, and description.

We are proud to announce that the art jury of the MintFest collection competition will be NFT artist and curator Anna Dart and Lianna Adams from our newest partners the Dream Conduit.

Anna is an inspiring member of the global NFT community and the co-founder of the groundbreaking NFT ecosystem of creators and curated platform Exquisite Workers inspired by the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse. Anna is also the creative genius behind the first and historical NFT art competition for climate DigitalArt4Climate, our key partnership with IAAI Glocha and UN-Habitat Youth. Anna Dart is an ICOM member, a strong supporter of female empowerment initiatives and a social impact advocate.

Lianna Adams is a multidisciplinary artist and curator using the arts and culture as a catalyst for social change that creates long lasting positive impact. As a curator, she has created and curated art collections, exhibitions, and installations in London, Southeast Asia and in the Metaverse, often providing a platform for emerging artists in her curatorial work. Besides being an artist, she is also on the Board of Directors in the Dream Conduit DAO, a member of Top Tier Impact Global Network, advisor and strategist to non-profits and social impact businesses, and a mental health and human rights ARTivist.

Anna and Lianna will help select the top MintFest tokens. The creators of the selected NFTs will get an opportunity to list their NFTs for sale on, alongside your favorite Chelobricks and Substrapunks!

Once again please ensure that you use the same Substrate address (Unique/DOT/Quartz) to mint your collection and contribute to the Unique Network Crowdloan to be eligible for this special MintFest reward!

You can mint your NFT collection before or after your contribution to the crowdloan.

Steps to Participate in the MintFest

Unique Network’s minting tool — UniqueMinter is very easy to use. Before you get started, you will need to set up your Polkadot.js wallet if you have not already done so.

An important thing to note — When you name your Collection — Please start the name by the word “MintFest”. As an example “MintFest Flames” or “MintFest My Sheen” .
This will help us identify the collections which need to be assessed by the art jury!

We have created a detailed set of instructions for you to follow:

Follow along and for any questions—drop us a line in our Telegram group!

We’re a couple of days out until the Unique Network crowdloan kicks off, so make sure to start thinking about the NFT collection you’d like to mint for MintFest. Have fun! 

Please note you need to read and accept MintFest Terms and Conditions before participating in the MintFest.

For any question regarding MintFest or the Unique Network crowdloan, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord

—Unique Network