When web2 and centralized events and ticketing platforms give you lemons, make Lemonade!

Our latest partnership with our friends and collaborators at Lemonade Social does just that, achieving both platforms’ multichain mission to empower creators and developers to utilize dynamic, utility-packed web3 technologies to build communities, improved access, and better experiences on and off the blockchain.

What is Lemonade Social?

Lemonade Social is a multichain platform that empowers creators to build web3 communities with IRL utilities and rewards beyond what’s currently available in web2 environments. Primarily focused on the event, ticketing, and entertainment, Lemonade leverages NFTs to blur the lines between in-person and virtual experiences, enabling customers to squeeze every bit of juice out of attending an event while providing a platform to reward event organizers and artists. Akin to Unique’s focus on enabling users to create NFT and marketplaces with zero knowledge of code, Lemonade bridges web2 and web3 so that brands and creators can curate (and monetize) metaverse and IRL events and use NFTS to engage their communities.

How will Lemonade and Unique Network work together?

Unique will assist and provide value to Lemonade by letting them take advantage of our advanced features for NFT tickets, thus delivering an elevated event experience for partygoers. Through this partnership, we introduce to the Polkadot ecosystem a NFT ticketing solution that is designed for simple use by the masses and is powered under the hood by the Polkadot ecosystem. As Unique Network explores new use cases for using NFTs, Lemonade will activate its own technology to build NFTs on Unique Network.

Ultimately, given this partnership, we will gain further insight and exposure to building NFT ticketing solutions—solutions that have the potential to be far superior solutions if those tickets are issued on Quartz. Bundling of event coupons, sustainable POAPs, and even exploring the power of fractionalization to connect vast communities to events through NFTs are just a few of the potentials of how Unique and Lemonade can maximize the potential of web3 ticketing.

There are few things better than immersing yourself in an event. Still, anyone who has purchased a ticket on centralized ticketing marketplaces knows that they have a disproportionate hold over our data, access, and how we engage with and enjoy events. By utilizing the power of blockchain and NFTs, Unique and Lemonade can help provide true ownership and improve experiences for the people that own tickets and create magical moments. In the future, as we continue building this partnership with Lemonade, we will hope that even more platforms that want to create NFT ticketing solutions will choose to do so on Unique.

— Unique Network