Partnering with Unique Network to bring customizable, nested NFT characters, wearables, and more to Mad Bunny World.

Unique Network is proud to announce our partnership with Mad Bunny World, an upcoming HTML5-powered NFT game project that will provide the first on-chain customizable NFT character collection with skins on the Polkadot ecosystem and accessible across various browsers and devices.

Through the partnership, Mad Bunny World will utilize Unique Network's technical and customization integrations and revamped marketplace to create special NFT collections. These collections will feature NFT skins and wearables for Bunny characters, which can be separated and resold on the Unique Marketplace — allowing the community to earn and monetize their gameplay.

Mad Bunny World: An exciting open-world game with an upcoming airdrop

Once launched, Mad Bunny World plans to be an adventure and player-versus-player (PVP) game accessible on any browser or device. Players start in a fictional realm called 'The Lower World' alone but can join forces with other players in the form of gangs and increase their chances of thriving in the game. They're tasked with forging alliances with other bunnies to engage in raids, collect valuable in-game treasures and redeem for real-world rewards.

As players progress, they can ascend into the Upper World to become the rightful owner of a city. They can then develop the city, earn an income, and defend it in competitive warfare.

In the future, collectible digital assets will be available as additions to each collection. These NFTs will also be able to unlock new features and bonuses within the game. This brings us to the game's upcoming airdrop, an exclusive NFT collection inspired by the renowned Guy Ritchie movie, 'The Gentlemen.'

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Developing an Advanced NFT Ecosystem: Bunny Customizer, Weekly Matches, and Super Matches

By partnering with Unique Network, the Mad Bunny World team leverages the technical capabilities of the Unique platform to establish a strong NFT ecosystem for the game. Unique's versatility and support have played a crucial role in reducing entry barriers and fostering seamless collaboration from the early stages of our project.

One of the platform's key contributions is enabling the development of the Bunny Customizer. Once this feature is functional, players will be able to create and personalize their bunny characters with a wide range of options, making each character truly unique. Customizable options encompass numerous variables, including wearables, eyes, nose, tattoos, accessories, outfits, and even the bunny's location.

This partnership also enables Mad Bunny World to offer engaging community events and activities centered on crafting valuable character customizations, organized into two categories: Match and SuperMatch.

Talented designers and creators actively participate in these events by designing and releasing new combinations for characters weekly for Match and monthly for SuperMatch. This dynamic and immersive experience ensures players constantly have fresh content to explore and enjoy.

Mad Bunny World airdrop: Join now!

Mad Bunny World's open sale will take place on Monday, July 24, 2023, at 12:00 PM UTC.

Keep an eye on the Mad Bunny World blog for more details.

Special News for Early Adopters

The Mad Bunny team will reveal a list of exciting benefits and drops to the early adopters on Friday 21st July at 2 PM UTC.

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  • Add-ons will be distributed for free through raffles and participation in project activities.
  • The first elements of the collection will be exclusively available to Chelobricks and Substrapunks holders. Subsequent elements will be raffled among the Mad Bunny World community.

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A word from the CEOs

"We are turning our dream game into reality, leveraging the groundbreaking capabilities of blockchain technology. Mad Bunny World will take this world to new heights of excitement and adventure!"

Mad Bunny World Founder

"Our partnership with Mad Bunny World unlocks a fully on-chain customizable NFT gaming experience. Together, we unlock limitless possibilities, fostering collaboration and shaping the future of in-game NFTs that have the ability to create advanced game dynamics."

Unique Network CEO

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About Mad Bunny World

Mad Bunny World is a groundbreaking NFT game project in the Polkadot ecosystem, offering the first on-chain customizable NFT character collection with skins on Polkadot.

Powered by HTML5 technology, our game is accessible across various browsers and devices, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.

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