Say hello to our new testnet and collection of products as we head into 2022.

2022 is here, and our development team has been fast at work deploying some exciting updates and products to our platform and technology that will benefit our developer community, users, and the broader NFT ecosystem.

Opal, Quartz and Unique — Your journey from a testnet to a comprehensive, secure and scalable NFT solution

Unique Network aims to be a parachain on Polkadot, while Quartz is a live parachain on the Kusama Network. Opal is the testnet for you to create and test your MVP before you go live on Quartz.

Through the beta deployment of Opal, our testnet, we’re sharing news of a custom NFT creating tool, a new kind of user-focused search engine for blockchain, a product-feedback channel in our Discord, and lots more. Here’s what’s happening.


The UniqueScan acts as a new kind of search engine for blockchain and allows users to search for key information. It’s currently deployed via a beta page.

Our goal with the beta version of this product is to allow users to search for information about transfers, extrinsics, and account balances. You can track all transfers you have made or check the history of any Quartz and Opal account address to see what else is happening in the market.

In the next version of this product, users can search for even more key info about blocks, events, collections, tokens, holders, and more. We’re just getting started on that front, so stay tuned for additional news as it becomes available. We hope our Block Explorer will make access to data and analysis easier to navigate.


Meet minting on Opal, the Unique Network testnet, now deployed via a UniqueMinter beta page (linked below). Once you click the URL, you’ll be asked to connect (or create) a Substrate account and add that account via either a seed phrase backup JSON file or QR-code.

We’re also unveiling ​​a special Telegram bot, our Opal faucet bot @unique2faucet_opal_bot, which will help users tap into our collection minting platform — and obtain the OPL needed for collection minting.

UniqueMinter allows users to create (or mint) their collections and NFTs on Opal. It’s one of the essential products in our ecosystem that we’ll be rolling out in the coming months.

After testing products on Opal and collecting feedback from our users, we will also release UniqueMinter on Quartz and then later on Unique Network.

Users will need to get OPL in order to pay for transaction fees, otherwise, you won’t be able to create a collection on our testnet. When you use products on the Opal network, you should pay fees in OPL tokens, which you can get using our Telegram bot.

Once you do create a collection on Opal, you can customize it with several easy-to-follow options:

  • Name
    • You mint it; you name it. Give your NFT a custom name so it can stand out
  • Description
    • Tell a short “story” about your NFT and list a few important details.
  • Symbol
    • Give your NFT an eye-grabbing icon for some illustrative flair.
  • Cover
    • Stop users in their tracks with an enticing cover image.
  • Attributes
    • What makes your NFT unique?

You can set attributes (or traits) of your collections. This functionality allows you to customize the token. You can select any features that will help you create a unique NFT: name, accessory, gender, background, face, body, tier, and more. After creating a collection, you can create NFTs with their respective image and traits.

In future releases, you will also be able to create tokens on Quartz and sell them on partner markets

As a platform, we know that deploying these kinds of products on our testnet won’t come without challenges. To understand and resolve these challenges, feedback from the community is of great importance. That is why we have also created two new Discord channels — “feature requests” and “bugs” — where users can provide feedback about our products. We also welcome any feedback in our Telegram groups or on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more info and live updates as we continue to deploy Opal and Quartz and its collection of products. We can’t wait to share more.

— Unique Network