Significant improvements and updates have been applied to the Opal Network with the release of v936050 to facilitate smooth collator opening, provide identity settings, reduce costs, and more. In addition to this, building coordination will be much simpler and quicker.

Let's look through the major updates below.

1. Expanded Open Collator Admission

We are creating opportunities for decentralization through Web3 values. We've expanded the traditional open collator admission to chains, permitting anyone to obtain a license to produce blocks.

N.B. Because of the technical processes involved, collator nodes require a technical foundation to participate.

2. Added Identity Setting

We are thrilled to make 'Setting an Identity' available on our chains. Users can now add personal and contact details to their on-chain accounts. You can show your identity on our chains by setting an identity on either Kusama or Polkadot (KSM/DOT are required, but any chain is acceptable). A registrator will provide either “Reasonable” or “KnownGood” judgment based on the user’s identity, and we will synchronize the user’s identity with both Kusama and Polkadot every month.

N.B. Please be aware that due to synchronization, usage of extrinsics in identity pallets is restricted.

3. Reduced costs of property setting from ETH

In this upgrade, the cost of setting or modifying properties (such as ownership or access restrictions) on assets stored on the Ethereum blockchain has been reduced, making it more affordable for builders to use Ethereum for their applications.

4. Improved RFT Nesting

Unique RFTs represent data structures used to represent and organize data hierarchically, with each node in the tree representing a fragment of the overall data. Based on their nested nature, these next-generation NFTs are also getting an update to ensure more efficient storage and retrieval of data and improve this process to make way for faster and more efficient data management.

Repaired Mobile MetaMask Support

This upgrade also fixed an issue with the mobile version of Metamask that prevented it from functioning properly. Users should now be able to use the mobile version of Metamask as intended.

Finally, with this runtime upgrade, developers can now coordinate throughout the building process speedily and more efficiently.

More Information

Document name: v936040 — > Version: v936050

Product name: Opal Network

Release number: v936050

Date of Release: 24/01/2023

Release note version: f100074

Full changelog:

For more in-depth upgrade information regarding runtimes, requirements, and even compiler version — browse through our GitHub release notes here: