The Indy500 race is just under two weeks away! Let’s take a trip down memory lane, recap the Polkadot Loves Conor NFT campaign so far, and highlight some of our favourite art pieces from the community!

Conor Daly will be racing in a pink Polkadot-wrapped car, supporting fans and Polkadot community members. In celebration of this monumental event, Unique has created the Polkadot Loves Conor NFT campaign with ecosystem partners to join forces, and show our support for Conor before the upcoming race (26th of May).

In this article, dive into a summary of the campaign so far with metrics, feedback and some exceptional NFT art from our community!

Campaign in Numbers So Far:

In the past few weeks following the exciting announcement that Conor Daly was chosen through Polkadot's Open Governance to be sponsored at the Indy500, we've launched our ongoing NFT Mint contest! We hope to introduce Unique’s NFTs to sports enthusiasts and fans all over the world, and offer them the ability to learn something new about this extraordinary event, whether that’s through learning more about the race; Conor Daly himself; Polkadot’s Open Gov or digital assets.

There’s a lot to uncover here, and we’re ready to unpack all of the details so far!

  • Number of active participants: 479
  • Number of NFTs created: 100+ NFT creations
  • Number of collections created: 100+ submissions

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of responses and submissions from community members, NFT creators, Conor Daly fans and our ecosystem partners. Take a look below to see some of the responses we’ve gotten so far:


NFT Art Spotlight: Featuring our Community Members!

Below are some of our favourite submissions and what our community members have been up to so far – you won't want to miss their amazing NFT art!

Want to see some Polkadot Loves Conor NFTs in person? Check them out on SubWallet here:

Every NFT you create and mint on Unique will be visible in Polkadot wallets such as SubWallet and Talisman.

The race is on: Join the Polkadot Loves Conor NFT Contest and Predict the Indy500 Race with Zeitgeist!

As the excitement continues to build for the big race, we're thrilled to be collaborating with our ecosystem partners. Join Zeitgeist, Acala Network and SubWallet as we rally behind Conor Daly to show our support!

image5 (1).jpg

Competition Details:

  • Mint Polkadot Loves Conor NFTs: Start minting your unique NFTs now!
  • Conor and Race Quiz: Test your knowledge about Conor and his next race. Are you ready to challenge yourself?
  • Support our Partners: Make sure to follow our amazing ecosystem partners!
  • Platform: Zealy – user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Prizes: 25 lucky participants will be randomly selected to win $800 in DOT.
  • Deadline: The competition ends on May 26th, so there's still time to join!

Join the competition and show your love for Conor:

Do you think Conor Daly will be one of the racers in the Top 10 at the end? Cast your predictions on Zeitgeist and learn more here:

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