In a recent announcement, Subsocial shared the news that they've integrated Unique Network's marketplace into their identity service offering Sub.ID! You can now have fun viewing all your Chelobricks and Substrapunks in one place along with other NFTs and tokens you own on substrate-based blockchain addresses. 

What exactly is Subsocial? It is an open platform built with a Substrate and IPFS tech stack for decentralized social networks and marketplaces that's censorship-resistant and has built-in monetization methods.

Sub.ID is a one-stop solution that brings together your various Substrate wallet addresses from anywhere. Once you log in to your SubID profile, their software highlights all substrate-based blockchain addresses on your account and shows you any balances and digital collectibles on those addresses in real time. 

How does this work? SubSocial explained it well on their blog:

"Your different addresses for all the different Substrate chains are essentially linked together, and your Polkadot address can be used to derive your Subsocial address, and your Kusama address, etc., and vice versa. Your address for any Substrate-based blockchain can be used to derive your address for every other Substrate-based blockchain. Pretty neat, huh? SubID leverages this to create a page that is able to show all the addresses of one account, just based off of a single address from any Substrate chain."

There are various sections on the Sub.ID page that give you a simple view of your substrate-based addresses, balances, assets, bonded tokens, and more!

  • Subsocial profile

    • Where it all goes down: Get a direct view of your substrate-based blockchain wallet addresses to have a one-stop shop for all of the key information below. 

  • Balances

    • Check the balances of your accounts and the digital collectibles you own on your addresses. 

  • On-chain identity

    • Feel safe that everything you own belongs to you and only you! Your digital wallet addresses have never been safer. 

  • NFTs

    • Get the most up-to-date info of the NFTs you own, their listed price, and what wallets they're connected to. 

  • Crowdloan participation

    • All your crowdloan activity in one place. Your Kusama crowdloan information will show up below your regular balance information, along with how much KSM you currently have locked in crowdloans (as well as in USD value).

Find out more about Sub ID, their crowd load and NFT wallet function, and more.