Learn about how our two sustainability-focused teams will work together to educate the blockchain community of creators, developers, NFT entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Our team at Unique Network is proud to announce an upcoming partnership and collaboration with The Dream Conduit, an inspiring blockchain project and DAO devoted to “enabling creatives of every craft to access opportunities and make their creativity their careers.” The Dream Conduit prides itself as the first carbon-neutral, non-profit DAO, ideals our team immediately connected to as we are an NFT chain for Polkadot, an environmentally-conscious proof-of-stake network. Additionally, our team and developers at Unique always focus on increasing the ease of access to blockchain and helping to democratize the NFT space as much as possible — another goal shared by The Dream Conduit.

The Dream Conduit has four divisions: a Coaching Conduit to support creatives, a Narrative Conduit focusing on storytelling and writing, a Curation Conduit to provide content strategies for artists, and a Sovereignty Conduit advancing ideals of personal independence. Each week, The Dream Conduit provides educational information and onboarding to creatives with programs that can help them gain a firm grasp of NFTs, always at no cost. The platform holds daily programs and various art masterclasses, virtual community events, and various blockchain workshops. The group will also have regular monthly events to dig deeper into more technical and economic NFT topics to help creators navigate different aspects of the market.

Through our partnership, Unique Network and some of our key team members also plan to create educational programming alongside The Dream Conduit specific to our work as a platform and what we’re building on Polkadot. Upcoming potential educational topics will include:

  • Inside NFTs on Polkadot
  • The Need for Dynamic NFT Features — from Sponsorship of Fees to Advanced Ownership Models
  • The A to Z of Native Minting
  • How to Create a Custom Marketplace in One Hour

We also plan to participate in some of The Dream Conduit’s community events and to contribute to their growing resource library. The Dream Conduit also offers 1:1 mentoring with their community members, which is another project we will potentially participate in as our collaboration unfolds.

At Unique Network, we always cherish any opportunity to share our expertise and experience navigating the challenging yet rewarding blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to watching this partnership with The Dream Conduit unfold as we work to help groom the NFT and blockchain creators of tomorrow! Stay tuned for more info and a finalized programming schedule in the coming weeks. Thanks for reading.

— Unique Network