Unique Network is delighted to announce the Unique Network Mobile SDK launch and integration into iOS and Android dApps, introducing several new features to the forefront of the Unique SDK.

This Unique Network Mobile SDK is a significant milestone for the Unique Network NFT blockchain and its ability to support mobile devices.

Purpose of a Mobile SDK

Developers face several challenges when onboarding mobile apps into Web3. One of the biggest challenges is understanding the intricate technical details of blockchain technology, as it differs from traditional mobile app development. For example, developers must understand cryptography, consensus algorithms, and smart contracts to build functional blockchain-based mobile apps.

Another challenge is scalability. Mobile apps need to handle many users and transactions, and the current blockchain infrastructure may need help to support this level of traffic. This issue can cause slow transactions, high fees, and lower user engagement.

Integrating blockchain technology into existing mobile apps can also be a challenge. Developers must ensure that the integration is secure and scalable and does not compromise the user experience.

Finally, developers need to keep up with the fast-paced development of the blockchain ecosystem. Changes to the underlying technology updates to smart contract standards, and new consensus algorithms can make existing dApp development efforts obsolete. This makes it difficult for developers to maintain their dApps and ensure continued operation.

With this SDK integration, developers can focus on the application logic and user experience without worrying about the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Benefits of this SDK Integration

Unique SDK is a tool for building marketplaces, games, and tokenized platforms on the Unique Network blockchain. The development kit is built as a Javascript/Typescript (JS/TS) library and provides access to the Unique blockchain through a public node using a REST API.

Our Unique SDK abstracts the complex technical details of blockchain development, making it easy for developers to build and deploy functional dApps optimized for iOS or Android. This integration also provides a range of pre-built modules and customizable templates that allow developers to quickly build dApps with the desired functionality.

Participation Steps

We’re live and ready to onboard mobile apps that can be used by iOS and Android devs. We invite all builders and users to participate and improve this technology together.

Join us as we bring the full potential of the Unique SDK to life.

To get started, visit our repository or access more resources on our Android and iOS GitHub pages.