We're excited to announce our integration with DEGA, a platform offering scalable infrastructure and rapid transactions for Web3 gaming and the Metaverse. The collaboration will boost builders' capabilities within the Unique ecosystem, allowing leveraging DEGA's ISPO platform for crowdfunding and community engagement on Polkadot.

Introducing DEGA: What is an ISPO Platform?

DEGA's Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) is a novel fundraising method that offers distinct benefits over alternative capital-raising methods. For instance, unlike a traditional stake pool, where the rewards go to the delegators, all rewards from DEGA's ISPO are redirected to the platform to help them develop and operate their project, contributing to a sustainable ecosystem.

Instead of purchasing tokens outright, participants can delegate tokens such as $ADA or $DOT to a DEGA stake pool, protected by the blockchain's consensus protocol. Participation in the ISPO is open to everyone, irrespective of their wallet size, as there's no minimum token requirement for delegation or a long-term lock-up; the allocation of $DEGA tokens to participants is contingent on the duration and amount of their delegation.

Partnership Details

The collaboration between Unique and DEGA opens up new avenues for builders within the Unique Network ecosystem. By integrating DEGA's ISPO platform, builders can access streamlined fundraising and community engagement mechanisms, while $UNQ holders enjoy added benefits through the partnership bonus. This integration not only enhances the capabilities of builders and creators but also paves the way for incredible innovation and growth within the Web3 gaming and Metaverse landscapes.

Benefits for $UNQ Holders

As part of this integration, any holder of $UNQ participating in the DEGA/Polkadot ISPO will receive a partnership bonus of pre-minted $DEGA, provided they maintain a minimum of 4000 $UNQ tokens in their staked wallet. This additional incentive encourages active involvement from $UNQ holders, aligning the interests of both Unique and DEGA's communities.

Hear from the CEOs

DEGA and Unique have a common goal of promoting blockchain adoption. Any project that supports easier blockchain development is a valuable ally.

DEGA CEO, Carlos Rene

DEGA's innovative platform empowers companies to deploy and scale Web3 applications effortlessly. With simplified tools and lowered barriers, we're both reshaping Web3 development for a creative future.

Unique CEO, Alex Mitrovich

About DEGA

DEGA builds advanced Web3 tools that simplify and speed the development process of Web3 Games and Metaverse products. Founded in November of 2022, DEGA quickly went to market with its v1 API with immediate success with AAA gaming studios, partners, and investors. Forged in the labs of Ethereum, the CEO, and founder of DEGA, Carlos Rene, quickly saw the opportunity of innovating on Blockchain in a way that significantly increased the technology's scalability, security, and ease of use.

Attracting some of the most talented leadership in business and technology, DEGA is set to change the perception and applicability of blockchain in Web3 Gaming and Metaverse development.

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