Another month has passed, and this February has been a blast! We have a lot of exciting updates to share with you, so get stuck in, grab your favourite drink and a snack, and read on.

I know we said January was busy… but February was on a whole other level for the Unique Network community, packed with some of the biggest milestones and achievements yet, attending online events, incredible ecosystem stats (big ones!) and lots more.

Are you ready?

Unique’s February Stats!

Before we kick off, we want to grab your attention to some extraordinary stats and metrics that the Unique Network ecosystem has achieved in February:

The Fastest NFT Mint ever recorded on Polkadot with Forever Has Fallen!

In collaboration with the Forever Has Fallen game, we’ve achieved the fastest NFT mint on Polkadot! This milestone highlights the invaluable infrastructure and capabilities that Polkadot offers. With a record of 100,000 NFTs minted in 18 minutes and 42 seconds, this achievement has showcased that even Polkadot has surpassed major chains, such as Solana (1428 NFTs per minute) and Polygon (1450 NFTs per minute), making Polkadot’s infrastructure the fastest, most efficient and reliable chain for mass-minting NFTs.

Learn more about the milestone here.

Unique Network Wins the 63rd Polkadot Parachain Auction!

It’s official, Unique Network wins the 63rd Polkadot Parachain Auction — securing 2 more years in the Polkadot ecosystem to continue to develop NFT technology and to drive NFT adoption.

This means we are going to stick around and do more of these crazy things on NFTs.

CEO, Alexander Mitrovich said in Unique’s Community Telegram

We thank everyone for their support, and for being with us throughout the years!

Unique Network is $DED! DED MINES Game Release, Powered by Unique!

DED GAMES, the community behind the popular $DED token has released their latest community-owned arcade game, DED MINE! Powered by Unique Network and using Unique’s NFT tools, you play as the DEDBird, burrowing to the surface and unleashing the mighty powers of the Polkadot parachains. Collect polkadot project puzzle pieces, and climb to the top of the leaderboard as you bounce off the walls like no tomorrow!

In collaboration with the DED GAMES, more than 160,000 NFT badges have been minted on Unique Network, with another 5,000 players!

Want to join the fun? Play the game here:

Announcing the $250,000 NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund!

Are you an eager developer, a creative thinker or a passionate entrepreneur seeking to create the next big thing in the NFT space? The NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant fund pushes NFT boundaries — create a dApp or Micro dApp and unleash your imagination.

That’s not all! Amazon Web Services (AWS) is contributing $100k USD in AWS Activate Credits to support grant participants as well!

If you already have an idea to use advanced NFT capabilities to create a micro dApp, please fill in this form here. Once your project idea is submitted, you will hear from us within one week.

Learn more about this exciting opportunity here.

UNQ token is Listed on HydraDX!

Stay hydrated, the Unique Token (UNQ) has been listed on the popular DeFi protocol, HydraDX!

Through this upcoming listing of the UNQ token on the HydraDX platform, you will have the ability to seamlessly swap and transfer tokens, and explore the functionalities of DeFi on Polkadot.

Check out the listing here:

Community at the Center: Spark Fest Campaigns!

We wouldn’t be here without the Unique and Polkadot community, and so to give back on each exciting update that we’ve had in February, we’ve organised a huge Spark Fest Campaign, with a total of 4 waves!

Our first announcement of the Spark Fest campaign; becoming the greatest Bounty Hunter that ever lived, enabled users to explore the Forever Has Fallen Metaverse, with unique twists and turns, and to learn more about Karl-Axel Mattiasson, the tech billionaire genius on the run.

Each new week meant a new wave, with impressive stats and participants joining in to complete tasks and earn rewards!

Educational Campaigns

We conducted our first educational campaign in January and saw great feedback, so we had to create another in collaboration with HydraDX all about Customizable NFTs and DeFi tech!

This learn-and-earn campaign was created in celebration of the UNQ listing on HydraDX.

Substrapunk and Chelobrick NFT Royalties Distributed!

Our Substrapunk and Chelobrick NFTs have always been a fan favourite - they’re catchy, cute and perfect! If you hold one, we’ve distributed royalties to the NFT owners — no need to claim anything, you should have them directly into your wallet where your NFTs are located.

The next distribution will take place on the 1st of May, 2024, where it will be automated through a smart contract from then onwards, make sure to keep an eye out on your wallet and our social media!

Thank you for your continuous support — we salute you!

Appearances, PR Highlights, X Spaces & Events!

Want to get the latest scoop on what the team has been up to? Say no more! Check out below to get all the latest appearances from the Unique Network team:

Press Release Highlights

We’ve been featured in a vast amount of Press Release (PR) articles from Benzinga, The Defiant, NFT Plazas and lots more! Check out the latest press release articles from our Fastest NFT mint and our CodeCraft $250k Grant Fund announcements:

Unique x DED February Community Call

In collaboration with the DED MINE game release, we hosted our 2nd community call of the year. Joining us was the CEO of Unique Network, Alex Mitrovich and CMO, Charu Sethi to dive into the world of NFTs within the Unique Network ecosystem.

Not only that, we had a special guest join the panel, one of the developers from the DED MINE team to talk about his experience developing the game and how the release of the game has been monumental!

916 people joined the spaces with 911 live listeners — what an amazing result!

Want to listen to the recording? Check it out here:

Polkadot dApps NFT Final Episode

Mid-way through the month, Polkadot hosted the final episode of their dApp podcast series, where they bring on expert leaders from projects and parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem.

For the final episode of the series, we saw NFTs come to light! Filip, our Developer Relations spoke on the panel on all things NFTs, how it’s transforming the future and the Web3 world, and what Unique Network has been doing to drive the adoption of NFTs on Polkadot.

Check out Filip’s conversation from the spaces here:

Why Won't Web3 Companies Let NFTs Fade Away?

Last but certainly not least, we’ve been featured in Hackernoon! Our CEO, Alexander Mitrovich explains why won’t Web3 companies let NFTs die, sharing his expertise on NFTs and explaining why the popularity of NFTs may have cooled off since the arrival of gaming collectibles and digital art.

Read the full feature highlight here.

That’s it for this re-cap! We hope you enjoyed it, and we will see you in the next one!

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