Another month has passed, and we almost see spring on the horizon! Dive into this month's exciting updates, achievements and the latest NFT developments happening in the Unique ecosystem — you won’t want to miss it:

The year is going by quickly and the Unique Network HQ is getting busier and busier with beaming updates and exciting NFT developments happening in the ecosystem. We’re going to dive into all things NFTs, milestones accomplished in March, a new initiative, collaborations and lots more!

Let’s get started!

Unique’s Quick Stats for March!

— Placed 6th spot in the Top 10 Parachains for Average Daily Active Accounts (DAA).

— Placed 6th spot in the Top 10 Parachains by Extrinsics.

Before we kick off, we want to grab your attention to some extraordinary stats and metrics that the Unique Network ecosystem achieved in March:

  • Over 300k NFTs minted on Unique Network with DED MINE.

  • 10k registered players on DED MINE.

  • 4864 NFTs minted on Unique Network with Forever Has Fallen.

Unveiling the NFTs 2.0 Journal by Unique Network!

This month, we were thrilled to announce a project that has been in the works to truly drive NFT adoption and raise awareness around NFTs on Unique Network and on Polkadot: the NFTs 2.0 Journal. Explore unprecedented ideas within the NFT space and the latest NFT tech.

Not only that, but each new edition goes through a new theme each month, highlighting the unlimited possibilities that NFTs have to offer. NFTs 2.0, coined by Unique Network, explores the next wave of digital assets by boosting ownership engagement, and expanding interoperability use cases and are the leaders in complex data structures.

This 1st edition dives into the Fastest Mint and explores:

  • The story behind the Fastest NFT Mint
  • Why Fast Minting is Important
  • The future of NFTs in Web3 with Hackernoon
  • Beating Polygon and Solana in NFT Speed Records
  • Intro to the NFTs 2.0 Journal & Future Editions.

Read more here:


Forever Has Fallen has Officially Launched!

The incredible and ground-breaking game, Forever Has Fallen has launched! After working with Forever Has Fallen on the Fastest NFT mint that debuted in February, we’re now seeing a full launch with a wave of bounty hunters joining the Web3 metaverse-styled game.

This official launch marks a pivotal moment in NFT history, where you embark on the journey as a true bounty hunter, tasked with solving challenges, gathering clues and being part of an interactive gaming experience like no other before.

Check out our thread and the press release to learn more:

Think Big with The Cross-Chain NFT Think Tank

During the biggest Polkadot Developer Conference (Sub0), we shared our latest initiative to a hungry audience of developers, the Cross-Chain NFT Think Tank.

Since the announcement and first PoC of cross-chain NFTs (NFT XCM), we’ve been hard at work delivering each milestone. But, there’s one missing link to see the successes of NFT XCM — use cases!

The Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank introduces the idea of innovating unique use cases for NFTs on Polkadot, promoting inclusion, development advancements and adoption.

Are you interested in getting involved in this new initiative? Check out the form post below:


The $10k Game Development Bounty is Calling for You!

To spearhead game development, we’ve introduced the $10k Game Development Bounty! Interested in creating the next game everyone is hyped about? Are you looking to upskill your coding and development skills? Look no further, this bounty might just be for you. If you’re an eager developer looking to upskill, build your dream mobile game using Polkadot’s Unity SDK — designed to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology into your app!

Learn all about it here, including the requirements to get involved:

DED MINE NFT Milestone: 300k NFTs Minted!

In March, we explored NFTs like no tomorrow, and one of our major milestones has been hitting 300k NFTs minted on Unique Network, proving to be a monumental achievement for everyone in the Polkadot ecosystem!

Check out this amazing video by our friends at PromoTeam, who have shared with us a brief overview to get up to speed on everything DED MINE:

It’s Better with Friends: March’s Collaborations!

It wouldn’t be a special March at Unique without a few exciting collaborations and ongoing campaigns with our favourite ecosystem partners in the space! We’ve teamed up with various projects to work closely on some campaigns, new developments and NFT workshops, check them all out below.

Acala NFTs coming to the Unique Marketplace

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Acala Network, we couldn’t be more excited to see Acala NFTs land in the Unique marketplace, showcasing their utilities and impressive digital art!

You will soon start to see these Acala NFTs available on the Unique marketplace

Not only that, we’ve teamed up with Acala to bring forward our Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank initiative. We appreciate all the support they have given us as we strive for more unique use cases of digital assets in the web3 space!

UNQ/DOT Pool is Blasting Off on HydraDX!

Following our Unique Token (UNQ) listing on HydraDX, you guys voted on a UNQ/DOT pool - and we’re pleased to announce that this was successfully delivered!

Check out HydraDX for the latest and become a liquidity provider and earn rewards!

Learn more here:

Appearances, Online X Spaces & Events

Polkadot Sub0

The Unique Network team flew to Bangkok, Thailand (12th - 13th of March) and arrived at the biggest developer conference in the Polkadot ecosystem: Sub0! The team presented 2 talks and 1 workshop to an eager audience of developers looking to integrate NFTs into their projects and apps.

  • 1st Talk: NFT XCM’s proposal - A Review by Daniel Shiposha, Lead Programmer at Unique
  • 2nd Talk: The NFT Collective by Charu Sethi, CMO at Unique
  • Workshop: Led by Charu and Daniel with guests Niki from Zeitgeist and Bryan Chen from Acala Network on the Cross-Chain NFTs Think Tank initiative.

Ready to dive into the pulse of the conference? Our thread has all the exhilarating moments covered. From NFT discussions to game-changing insights, it's all here for you to read!



ETHDenver came and went, and we joined Polkadot with a booth to demonstrate Unique Network’s powerful tools and ongoing projects. Want to see a little teaser? Check out our video that takes you through the conference (it will almost feel like you were there!):

Unique Network AMA with Polkadotters!

Our friends at Polkadotters hosted a Twitter spaces and invited Unique Network’s CEO, Alex Mitrovich to join and talk about NFTs, what’s been happening in the Unique ecosystem, the fastest NFT mint and lots more!

Watch the full recording here to stay up to date:

Special Mention

Last but certainly not least, we want to give a special mention and shoutout to you… our community. Without you and your support, we wouldn’t be here. Unique has reached far and wide, and most recently, on CoinBureau’s (Guy) laptop! If you see closely… you might just see a Chelobrick sticker appearing.

Check out this post below:

That’s it for this re-cap! We hope you enjoyed it, and we will see you in April!

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