Calling all creators — Livetree and Unique Network bring you a social network for your creative #Collective ownership. Learn what it means for you.

We're proud to announce a new partnership with Livetree, a public-spirited web3 social network of #Collectives for creators. As technology and community partners, Unique Network will facilitate minting your #Collective’s membership tokens, collective treasury and turning any of your social posts into NFT collective assets.

This partnership brings significant progress to the Polkadot and web3 ecosystem in a few key respects. First, unlike web2, this collaborative effort provides a way for every creator to obtain transparent and blockchain-verifiable records of the income earned from their content. Second, as one of the first end-user applications on Polkadot, this partnership introduces application novelty within the ecosystem. Only on Livetree can users create ticketed live video events or music gigs, pay-per-view masterclasses, and educational video series’ plus earn from their #Collective's content/NFT sales.

Every user who registers on the Livetree app gets their own #Collective created for them on their choice of blockchain, including Unique or Quartz.

Want to start your own Unique blockchain-based #LivetreeCollective?

Click this link to get started: Livetree.

Why does every creator need Livetree?

Recently, the trust placed in Web2 platforms has plummeted. It's a trend that has seen popular apps such as TikTok face multiple lawsuits for violating consumer protection laws. The pressure to generate profits has led to shady practices amongst web2 social networks, causing users to become increasingly confused and frustrated by how their data is collected and how transparently it is handled. It's become clear that an absence of verifiable social media algorithms contributes to ambiguity within the industry, making it impossible for the biggest social platforms to provide verifiable income for creators.

To address the pain points that content creators experience with web2 networks such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Bigo Live, Livetree is approaching the market from a different angle.

The Livetree app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) provides users with a familiar interface, a better and more transparent design, with unparalleled income opportunities.

Developed to be a blockchain-based social network, Livetree combines three crucial elements to its value ecosystem, all built into a creator's social app;

  1. A # hashtag name
  2. A Collective Treasury
  3. The #Collective membership coins

Time to acknowledge the economic value of content and support from your community

The unique Livetree model ensures creators, whether educators, activists, or artists, are supported by turning their fans and followers into #Collective members and earning through several income-generating activities, only available on Livetree:

  1. Ticket revenue from live events, such as music gigs or ticketed live streams
  2. Membership coin sales, you have 1 million of your own #Collective tokens
  3. Converting valuable posts, like hit songs or viral videos, into NFT assets for your #Collective
  4. Exclusive content access for members
  5. Your collective’s #name monetization, i.e., earning from ANY posts tagged with your collective’s #name earns potential income for your #Collective.

Together, your Livetree #Collective represents the paradigm shift we have been waiting for in social networks. Through these difficult economic times, the blockchain industry needs to focus on adding true value. Your Livetree #Collective is here to go beyond speculative trading and realize tangible income based on a proven model extended, enhanced, and made significantly better with web3 capabilities.

LiveTree Founder, Ashley Turing

How it Works

  • Simply register using the Livetree app. Your new social profile is your very own Livetree #Collective; you’ll receive one million membership coins that can be used for #Collective governance.
    • (For context, #Collectives function as a DAO but are more simply defined as your social profile.)
  • When set up, users can convert each post into an NFT - including videos. Social post-NFTs are, therefore, assets for your #Collective.
    • (When your #Collective is minted on either Unique or Quartz, so are your NFTs.)
  • Income goes into your #Collective's Treasury, which backs (stakes) your #Collective’s membership coins.

Unique Network & Livetree: Partnership Dynamics

Livetree is the first decentralized social network to apply the proposed new EIP technical standard, ensuring creators can earn income regardless of the social network. Every post is an asset for the creator's #collective and constitutes a user's intellectual property. So, unlike other Web 2.0 platforms, income from creative assets such as videos, songs, and events can be tracked and accounted for in your #Collective’s treasury.

With this feature, creators and activists can also reap the rewards of dynamic funding through hashtags. For example, movements such as #BLM #SaveTheOceans or #SaveTheArtists can enjoy the benefits of engagement and virality through CNS (Crypto-Naming Service) registration since any post tagged with the #name of your #Collective is an income-generating opportunity for your #Collective.

Gasless minting

For any social network to thrive, the user onboarding process must be smooth and seamless. Asking users to commit to gas fees before meaningful interaction with the platform could hinder the experience and stall growth.

With gasless minting, Unique and Quartz have sponsored gas fees for Livetree users, lowering barriers to entry and enhancing user experiences to comparable standards with other web3 apps.

Better Asset Functionality

Unique Network's advanced NFT infrastructure enables developers to create novel minting processes where an original NFT can be divided into parent and child tokens. Because of this nesting process, NFTs can serve various purposes, including rental, exhibition, delegation, fungibility, and even token communication. While this use case is helpful for certain types of content, it presents a novel way for developers to extend their social post-NFTs to generate better ownership economies.

Focus on Sustainability

There's still plenty of debate surrounding NFTs' carbon footprint. However, by tapping into the sustainable NFTs provided by Unique Network, your Unique or Quartz #Collective ensures every transaction on the network not only consumes minimal energy but also conserves the environment.

Livetree's social ethos is clear through their initial deployment, i.e., with Moss — a carbon credit platform that purchases and protects land in the Amazon rainforest by offsetting CO2 for the entire social network’s revenue, sees the social network decentralized via the #LivetreeCollective which represents the entire social network. On its initial deployment, part of the global treasury is committed to forest preservation and reforestation projects.

Unique Network’s Livetree partnership introduces an end-user application to Polkadot

Polkadot's interoperability solutions not only make it unique from its counterpart blockchains, but this characteristic also makes the platform preferable for the development of numerous user-first blockchain applications.

The fact that we have partnered with Livetree to debut one of Polkadot’s first consumer-facing applications is significant because it could realign the community's focus from developing decentralized applications to harnessing Polkadot's potential to bring consumers into the back-end process as direct beneficiaries and even stakeholders.

Livetree is one of the first applications within the Polkadot ecosystem that is designed for mass adoption, breaking down the technical and financial access barriers

Livetree's inspired purpose aligns perfectly with Unique Network's focus on innovation and sustainability, making this a visionary partnership.

Unique Network CEO, Aleksandar Mitrovic

The all-in-one Livetree app is one of the first to truly focus on adding income for creators and putting you in control of your social posts. That's why the app requires no blockchain experience - only through mass adoption will we realize the shared values and mission of Livetree and the Unique Network. I can't wait to see what you do with your #Collective future.

LiveTree Founder, Ashley Turing

What Users Can Expect When They Install The Livetree App

  1. Your #Collective’s #name is registered, meaning any posts tagged with it is a potential revenue stream.
  2. One million membership tokens for your collectives treasury
  3. Your #Collective’s Treasury, like your collective’s bank account, holds revenue from Livestream ticketed events, pay-per-view sales, or donations. The holy grail of NFTs - royalties - is now here.
  4. Every user can convert five of their posts (including videos) to NFTs for free. Think - assets for your #Collective, your NFT, and all posts can earn income for your collective’s Treasury.
  5. Governance - your members (anyone with one or more of your coins) can make proposals and vote on how to use your treasury, and all kinds of important things related to your #Collective.

Want to start your own Unique blockchain-based #LivetreeCollective?

Click this link to get started: Livetree.