Something big is coming to Unique and Polkadot. Want to be a part of a historic new story? List your spunk now for 100 KSM, and get ready for a special vote by our community.

In the beginning, there was mainly darkness. In the years after came an interconnected land of ideas, unconventional minds, and pioneering ideas actualized by limitless technologies full of potential. This land was built by renegades, punks, and outcasts, who dreamed of a better framework for technology that would push society forward while refusing to submit to the powers that be who had held on to control for too long. 

This land is the Pluriverse, an expanse of multiple, parallel blockchains, built on the idea of interoperability, interconnected wavelengths and communities of opportunity. As the years went on, however, the hopeful, revolutionary innovation of the early Pluriverse fell back into darkness. In the midst of all the excitement of chaos of building a new world, what started as a dream of utopia quickly turned into a congested and expensive ecosystem of competing metaverses that has started to limit the very progress, growth, and unity it once promised. 

What was built in the past to shape a new future, has resulted in a present that was never meant to be. 

But our present does not need to be our end. It is still only the beginning. A hero is amongst us, one who would rise to the challenge of breaking free from the stifling congestion and competition of our present world and free us to build in a new world. 

We want YOU to put forth your Substrapunk nominees on who should rise to this challenge. List your Substrapunk on our portal of discovery for the bounty of 100 KSM, and our community will vote on who should be our hero in this forthcoming epic quest. He, or she, will embark on an adventure of a lifetime alongside a mysterious fellow wanderer.

This is only the beginning. List your Substrapunk for 100 KSM on the Unique Marketplace, and behold the chronicles about to unfold before your eyes.