We’re thrilled to announce Spark Fest, a special set of quests to encourage Unique Network community participation and content creation. Take part in fun, engaging activities and earn rewards!

Our mission remains to deliver mass adoption of NFTs for brands and creators. Spark Fest will promote active interaction among Unique Network participants, resulting in a dynamic online community that benefits Unique's growth.

Campaign Details

Spark Fest will initially be hosted on Crew³, a platform helping web3 communities drive growth and engagement by turning their members into contributors.

The Crew³ dashboard will serve as a hub for members to join in exciting "Quests." These Quests can range from tasks as straightforward as posting a tweet to more complex assignments with high reward structures. It also allows members to work with NFT technology and various products from Unique Network.

Unique Network emphasizes the accumulated experience points (XP) by its members through the campaign. This XP assists them in progressing up the ranks on the quest leaderboard, which determines the rewards they can get. As members advance to higher stages, they can take on more challenging tasks and reap greater rewards.

As you can observe from the table, each quest has a different amount of XP. Therefore, for example, you need 100 XP to reach level 2 and 2200 XP to reach the highest level, level 9.

Level  Required XP  Total XP 
1 0 0
2 100 100
3 400 500
4 700 1200
5 1000 2200
6 1300 3500
7 1600 5100
8 1900 7000
9 2200 9200

Explore the Unique dashboard to join and view available quests.

As an incentive, Unique Network has set aside a pool of $1000 DOT to select members joining within the first month. A calendar containing new tasks will also be launched imminently.

Have questions for the team?

Join our Discord and Telegram communities, and we’ll gladly assist!


Do I need a Crew³ account to participate?

Yes, you require an active Crew³ account. Join using this link.

Do I need to connect my MetaMask wallet?

No, you can use alternative methods such as Discord to sign up.

Terms and Conditions

This program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another rewards program. Therefore, Unique Network retains the power to terminate or alter any quest activity, campaign rules, or details of our own volition.