Another step in our mission to create limitless potential for the NFT creators, developers, and communities of the blockchain.

Unique Network and OG Protocol are a match made in NFT heaven. Both platforms are dedicated to creating a more dynamic future and infrastructure for NFTs through next-generation technology. This future solves problems for creators and developers through efficient, interactive, and limitless technology.

Created by Snark Art, a digital art laboratory, OG Protocol enables web3 development teams to make their NFTs ever-evolving dynamic items—NFTs that are more interactive, collaborative, and personal. OG Protocol achieves this by using blockchain oracles to make NFTs reactive to real-life and digital data, everything from events to in-app experiences to the weather! As a result, NFTs are brought to life, evolving from mere collectibles to assets with real-world utility. Such an opportunity for NFTs is right up our alley here at Unique, where we focus on expanding the economic and experiential potential of NFTs beyond what's currently out there. Just look at our Punks for the People campaign, where the value and community experience of an NFT is literally multiplied through the power of fractionalization made possible by our refungible technology.

Utilizing Unique's advanced features, OG Protocol's tools and solutions will help enable our creator community to start building dynamic NFTs with utility that crosses the boundaries of the digital and physical. How will this come to life via our partnership? Here are just a few ways that OG Protocol’s tech and Oracle network will benefit our own advanced NFTs:

  • Nested NFTs integrated with real-world data from OG Protocol’s Oracle network
  • Refungible (RFT) tokens integrated with token price data within each fraction
  • Bundled NFTs with real-world data pegged to each individual token

Imagine what's possible when you integrate helpful, real-world data — from markets to events and the environment — into next-generation NFTs with deep economic and technical utility beyond what's currently offered!

Equally exciting is how our work with OG Protocol will help advance both the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. It will allow for even more NFT creators to integrate more utility into their NFTs, which is only possible on such a flexible next-generation blockchain. We are super excited to announce this new partnership with OG Protocol and will share more updates soon. With this all-star team of creative blockchain builders and creators, we'll be further positioned as the leading solution for artists and developers who want to leverage our technology to create highly dynamic NFT projects and experiences. Stay tuned for all the new experiences that will arise from this partnership.

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