Unique Network is excited to announce our collaboration with Subsquid, an open-source framework that enables Web3 developers to build GraphQL APIs.

Subsquid is a Dev-Friendly Platform to Develop and Deploy Custom GraphQL APIs and ETLs

Subsquid, which is designed using a modular architecture, provides developers with advanced data tooling features, including an indexing toolkit that facilitates the process of extract-transform-load (ETL) operations and the creation of custom indexers which can seamlessly and efficiently gather on-chain data from Unique, Quartz, and the Opal testnet.

It allows the developer to catalog on-chain data from transfer activities within the ERC-721 contract and then retrieve the data from the off-chain index via a GraphQL API, eliminating the difficult task of manually scanning through the blockchain and then manually aggregating the gathered data.

Our Subsquid Partnership Strengthens the Developers and Builders in Crypto

Unique Network and Subsquid are joining forces to strengthen the builder community to quickly and efficiently query and access data in a structured and standardized format. This enables seamless integration with various applications and tools that rely on blockchain data. Subsquid's service includes powerful filtering and pagination capabilities, making navigating and processing large data sets easier.

Getting Started

With the news of this integration, Subsquid has also introduced the squid archives to provide Unique, Quartz and Opal builders with a step-by-step guide to build using the substrate template. Developers will take advantage of the squid SDK on these three networks courtesy of Uniquescan, Unique's block explorer.

Learn more about Unique, Quartz, and Opal NFT archive data through Subsquid’s official documentation.

As we move forward with this partnership, we are looking into upgrading our tools and bettering our relations with developers with the end objective of bringing more developers into the ecosystem.

For help with integration or information on future updates, liaise with the Unique community on Telegram or Discord.

About Subsquid

Subsquid is the team behind squids, a new Web3 data extraction and transformation standard. Squids already power hundreds of applications across dozens of EVM, Substrate, and WASM-based chains. With modular architecture and advanced features, Subsquid offers the most resource-efficient and developer-friendly way to build, test, and deploy customized GraphQL APIs and ETLs for blockchain-facing applications.

About Unique Network

Unique Network provides enterprises with scalable NFT-specific solutions through advanced tools, such as a unified SDK, allowing creators to capture real-world value on the blockchain.

Unique's infrastructure makes it easier for developers to build games, minting systems, dApps, and marketplaces from scratch by taking advantage of advanced native functionalities such as re-fungibility, fractionalization, bundling, nesting, and sponsored transactions.

We equip enterprises with improved revenue generation models and community engagement utilizing next-generation NFTs and sustainable technology, eventually leading to the mass adoption of NFTs.