Unique Network is proud to announce our partnership with Meta Carbon! A web3-based carbon solutions company on a mission to help brands bring climate action to the masses.

Through this partnership, Unique Network will bring carbon retirements and climate action tools to all the builders on its platform. Unique Network already offers the most sophisticated SDKs and advanced NFT tooling and now combined with the minting of carbon retirements, businesses in the Polkadot ecosystem can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and connect with users interested in positive climate action.

Introducing Meta Carbon

Meta Carbon facilitates the buying, selling and management of carbon offsets. Carbon Projects need sales to scale, and brands are in search of high-quality carbon credits to meet their obligations – Meta Carbon’s platform makes both possible. The Meta Carbon APIs and tools bring climate action to the masses by collaborating with brands to measure, reduce, offset, and authenticate their actions to their customers.

Meta Carbon’s platform records retirements immutably on the blockchain guaranteeing transparency and security and in the process reducing the risk of being accused of greenwashing. Meta Carbon issues carbon retirement receipts in the form of NFTs that can be integrated into brands' shopping carts, loyalty programs, giveaways, fundraisers, and brand activations.

Meta Carbon sources carbon offsets from projects worldwide, including over a dozen REDD+ Projects on the Stand for Trees network.

Unique Network and Meta Carbon are partnering to provide high-quality and certified climate offset NFTs

Unique Network and Meta Carbon are collaborating to mint NFT collections for four high-quality, certified climate offset projects. Each project meticulously addresses climate change by reducing emissions and preserving vital ecosystems.

Projects include the Kariba Wildlife Corridor Project, The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project, Southern Cardamom, and the Kasigau Wildlife Sanctuary Project.

To support these 4 collections, Meta Carbon will retire 25,000 Kg of CO2 per project for 100,000 Kg of carbon emissions (when the collections are sold). This is the equivalent of the emissions from driving a car for 200,000 miles or planting 500 trees!

Each minted NFT will have a picture, project information (name, links, and description), and a unique retirement transaction ID that proves the carbon offset. This setup also provides a value proposition for Unique's DApps, as NFT collection creators can nest a carbon offset into their collections.

Types of NFTs:

  • Retirement NFT (or Main/Parent NFT):
    • Immutable carbon credit.
    • Minted in minimum quantities of 1 ton.
    • Not transferable and serves as a reference point for Fractional Retirement NFTs.
    • Contains a link to a web page on the Carbon Credit Registry's site with detailed information about the carbon credit.
  • Fractional Retirement NFT (or Secondary NFT):
    • Minted in smaller quantities (e.g., kilograms).
    • Each NFT “Rolls Up” to a specific Retirement NFT.
    • Also, non-tradable, Soul Bound tokens.
    • Contains a link to a Main/Parent retirement allowing users to confirm all the sibling tokens add up to the total amount of carbon retired in the carbon registry.
    • Your usual NFT, not an RFT (Refungible Token).


  1. Unique mints Retirement NFTs in minimum quantities of 1 ton, representing individual carbon credits. For desired quantities (e.g., kilograms), Unique mints Fractional Retirement NFTs, each linked to a specific Retirement NFT.

  2. Meta Carbon oversees the NFTs, extracts the links to the Retirement NFTs (main NFTs), and manually requests the registry to generate the carbon credit retirement. The retirement contains the link to the NFT. Meta Carbon provides the links to the retirements to Unique. Unique appends NFTs (main and secondary) with the links to the Registry, along with Registry Retirement Serial Numbers.

  3. This creates cross-linked (or cycle-linked) NFTs and Registry Retirements. Each NFT points to the corresponding Retirement and every Retirement points to the corresponding NFT. Thus, a robust double-linked one-to-one relationship is established between the NFT and Retirement. In simpler terms, each NFT includes a link to a web page on the Carbon Credit Registry's site, offering detailed information about the carbon credit, along with a reverse link to Unique's block explorer for the specific NFT.

Hear from the CEOs

Brands know that in addition to quality products, customer loyalty comes from sharing common values with their customers. Many brands genuinely care about the world's climate crisis and want to help. By including their customers in measuring, reducing, offsetting and communicating their climate action, companies can simultaneously generate brand lift and avoid the greenwashing trap. Meta Carbon was founded to leverage the power of brands to combat climate change at scale. It's a collective effort, and our vision is to work with brands to democratize carbon offsetting, empowering everyone to rise as a Climate Hero.

Tom Herman, Co-Founder, Meta Carbon

Empowerment meets sustainability as we forge a new era of environmental commitment. By offsetting unavoidable emissions through certified carbon projects, we weave a tapestry of responsible action. Let's embrace the synergy of climate action and carbon-backed NFTs, integrating them seamlessly into games, collections, and e-commerce. Together, we'll create a virtual world where every click counts, transforming digital assets into powerful catalysts for positive change.

Alexander Mitrovich

About Meta Carbon

Meta Carbon is a US-based company helping Projects sell carbon and Brands buy carbon and engage their audience on climate change. Meta Carbon’s APIs and Transparency platform (MC Cloud) makes it easy to add carbon offsets and climate action to any store, product, shopping cart, loyalty program, or business process. Our platform uses blockchain to fractionalize carbon offset retirements down to 1 Kg (the footprint of a cup of black coffee).

Meta Carbon's nature-based carbon offsetting partner, Stand for Trees, has been offsetting carbon for nine years and, in the process, has saved over 3.5m mature trees. Funds raised from Carbon Offset backed NFT sales go to purchasing and retiring carbon offsets and supporting local charities and organizations that protect endangered animals and their habitats.

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