Summer is officially here! And we’re getting ready for an action-packed, sunny month. Grab a drink, stay cool, and dive into the latest NFT updates from the Unique ecosystem so you don’t miss a thing:

Unique’s Quick Stats for June!

We want to quickly grab your attention towards last month’s amazing achievements, metrics, and stats that we achieved in June:

  • Active Accounts: We’ve secured 5th place (1.9k) among Polkadot projects for average daily active accounts (DAA).
  • Total Unique Accounts: We’ve secured 7th place for a total of unique accounts (50k).
    • Note, that this stat was a notable achievement for the end of May.
  • Website Conversion: We’ve placed 1st for the best conversion rate on our website with 37.4%.
    • Note, that this stat was a notable achievement for the end of May.

Bringing Out The Games with TapNation!

Reward Mode is here! We’re thrilled to be working with the TapNation team on a new project, "Reward Mode," aimed at attracting a vast number of gamers to the Polkadot ecosystem. This initiative will boost user growth and bridge the gap between Web2 gamers and the world of Web3 and Polkadot.

We will need your help to ensure this new project comes to life! On behalf of TapNation, we’ve submitted a treasury proposal on Polkadot’s Open Governance (OpenGov). We appreciate any feedback, suggestions, and ideas on how we can collectively make this project a success for everyone in the Polkadot ecosystem!

Check out the proposal below for more info:

Brief FAQs

What is Tap Nation?

With over 1 billion downloads, TapNation is a leading mobile gaming publisher, set to redefine the mobile gaming experience and transform the technological landscape by leveraging Web3 tech for a seamless integration into mobile games.

The Goal of Ref #905

Our goal is to bridge the gap between gaming, and the crypto world — seamlessly bringing Web2 gamers over to Web3 to increase user acquisition for Polkadot.

Unique Network will support the team by building out the tech in the back end and introducing tokens, NFT rewards, tutorials, and leaderboards into the mobile gaming experience.

Stay up to date on our social media so you can get the latest developments about this proposal.

image1 (1).jpg

That’s not all, the Unique Network team, alongside TapNation, joined the Kusamarian on AAG (Attempts at Governance) live to present the Reward Mode project to the Polkadot community and to OpenGov enthusiasts!

Check out the re-cap below so you can get up to speed on the proposal:

CodeCraft NFTs 2.0: Over 30 Applications Submitted! Apply Now!

We’ve been mentioning over the past few months about the CodeCraft NFTs 2.0 Grant Fund! With over 30 applications submitted, we’re eagerly awaiting your submission!

To learn more about this grant fund, check out our recent blog here:

By applying and contributing to the ecosystem, you can expect:

  • Easy application process guaranteed
  • Build your project to life and see it highlighted on socials, among our developer community
  • Connect with other developers in the ecosystem
  • Get direct support from our team who are here to help!

Join us on this next wave of NFTs 2.0, build a project of your dreams, and innovate using advanced blockchain tech and cutting-edge NFT integrations!

image2 (1).jpg

Connecting Sports Fans at the Indy500!

During the Indy500 and Consensus in Texas, the Unique Network team developed a one-of-a-kind Digital Insider Pass for motorsport fans worldwide, with the aim of connecting them to their favorite role models.

This initiative was inspired by Conor Daly becoming a Polkadot Brand Ambassador with his Polkadot sponsorship at the Indy500.

The Conor Daly Insider Pass highlights the fundamentals of bridging Web2 users to a Web3 world via Fan Engagement and easy-to-use Web3 tools, reaching those unable to attend the live event, and demonstrating that even non-crypto natives can experience Web3 with user-friendly tools.

Check out below how one of our participants effortlessly claimed their Conor Daly Insider Pass:

Appearances, Online X Spaces & Events

Last month, the team traveled to Texas for Consensus, and Serbia for ETH Belgrade and they’re getting ready for Polkadot Decoded in July!

Ready to dive in? Grab a drink, and read on!

ETH Belgrade

All the way in Belgrade, Serbia, the team traveled to attend ETH Belgrade and spoke about NFTs to a group of hungry developers at the Polkadot side event!


  • Fastest NFT Mint record set by Forever Has Fallen using Unique’s technology stack and tools.
  • Unique’s Advanced NFTs and their various use cases
  • CodeCraft NFTs 2.0
  • … and lots more!

The event was a huge success, attracting non-Polkadot natives and fostering exploration of Web3.

Check out the pictures below from the event:

image5 (1) (1).jpg

image3 (1) (1).jpg

That’s not all, our friends at PromoTeam attended Polkadot Day in Serbia and interviewed Alex to discuss all things NFTs on Polkadot! We’ve got the full rundown of the interview for you to enjoy:

Consensus Catch Up

Consensus flew by in the blink of an eye, and the team is now back home, preparing for future conferences to showcase the potential and benefits of NFTs.

In case you missed anything, we did a brief run-down of the Consensus event so you can get all of the latest updates!

Check it out and let us know what your favorite part was:

OpenGuild Winning Team

In June, the OpenGuild team announced Unique Network as one of the winners in their Mini Hackathon!

The Cosmic Block, the winning project utilizing Unique Network, focused on their social platform with Unique NFTs, bridging the gap between KOL’s, Web3 projects, and fan engagement. Congratulations to the Connecto team on their achievement and winnings!

Check out the post below to learn more:

Up Next: Polkadot Decoded in Brussels!

Special Mention

This month, we'd like to give a special shout-out to our friends at Polkadot Insider for their in-depth and informative video about Unique Network. They've captured our ecosystem's essence and what we stand for within the Polkadot community!

Dive into the video here:

That’s a wrap for June’s highlights! Come back next month to grab the latest in July as we’ll be at Polkadot Decoded 2024 with another round of updates and exciting developments, you won’t want to miss it!

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