Stay Hydrated, Folks! We’re excited to announce that UNQ (Unique Token) is coming to the DeFi Protocol, HydraDX on Polkadot! Immerse yourself in a learning adventure and gear up your knowledge about the platform as we dive into this new chapter with an educational campaign to get you started! Learn more below:

HydraDX is the go-to DeFi protocol platform on Polkadot, designed to bring liquidity to Polkadot and enabling you to trade more efficiently with curated steps and user-friendly UI — putting an end to liquidity fragmentation.

Through this upcoming listing of the UNQ token on the HydraDX platform, you will have the ability to seamlessly swap and transfer tokens, and dive into our learn and earn campaign to enhance your knowledge about HydraDX and Customizable NFTs on Unique Network!


Upcoming Listing Information

The ocean is vast, but HydraDX is here to make things easy! Stay up to date with everything you need to know about the upcoming UNQ listing:

Riding the Waves with HydraDX: Learn & Earn Educational Campaign!

With the upcoming UNQ token listing, we’re thrilled to collaborate with HydraDX on an educational campaign to equip everyone in the ecosystem with the right knowledge to explore the deep ocean of HydraDX and delve into the world of Customizable NFTs with Unique Network!

You will be able to participate, learn more about HydraDX and Unique’s Customizable NFTs, engage with our community members and complete easy tasks— not only that, you will be in the chance to win in a pool of $200 worth of UNQ and $200 HDX, so you won’t want to miss out!

To qualify, simply participate in our two quizzes and you’re in!

Join the Unique Dashboard to get started:

Brief Campaign Details:

About HydraDX

HydraDX is a next-gen DeFi protocol designed to bring an ocean of liquidity to Polkadot.

Their tool for the job is the HydraDX Omnipool — an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) which unlocks unparalleled efficiencies by combining all assets in a single trading pool. Besides more efficient trading, the Omnipool design enables single-sided LPing.

HydraDX is becoming the go-to DeFi protocol on Polkadot and is secured by Polkadot, providing that it’s not just another protocol in the DeFi space, but setting new standards for both efficiency and security.

Visit the HydraDX's website to learn more!

Stay hydrated, not liquidated!

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