We’re excited to share a new Unique and Quartz Networks runtime upgrade.

v937054 ensures the platform operates optimally, delivering an enhanced user experience. We’re confident users will appreciate the improvements made in the latest release.

The full Unique Network blockchain release schedule is available here.

v937054: What's New?

The Logic of Calculating Properties' Size Has Improved Considering non-ASCII Symbols Cases

This upgrade improves the way properties' size is calculated by considering non-ASCII symbol cases, enhancing the accuracy of the calculation. This will lead to more accurate and reliable calculations, improving the overall functionality of the platform.

Upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.39-1

This update upgrades the platform to the latest version of Polkadot, which includes a range of new features and improvements. Users can expect increased security, improved performance, and enhanced functionality due to this upgrade.

Migration on Weight v2

Migration on weight v2 represents a significant improvement over the previous version, offering a range of new features and capabilities that improve the user experience and reduce the risk of errors.

Upgrade to XCM v3

The upgrade to XCM v3 includes a range of new features and improvements, offering users a more powerful and flexible platform and improving the overall functionality of the platform.

Introduced getApproved method for ERC-721

Users can quickly check the approved address for an NFT, returning the address if it was previously set or a zero address if it was not.

Double Gas Price for Sponsoring

Users can now sponsor transactions with double the gas price, improving the speed and reliability of transactions on the platform.

Backward Compatibility for RPCs Fix

This upgrade fixes issues with backward compatibility for RPCs, ensuring users can easily access and use the platform's features and functionality.

Preparing for XCM QTZ/UNQ transfer with Astar/Unique & Shiden/Quartz

We’re finalizing steps for the upcoming XCM QTZ/UNQ transfers with Astar/Unique and Shiden/Quartz, opening the door for new user possibilities and opportunities. 

NOTE: HRMP channels will be opened later.

GitHub release notes: https://github.com/UniqueNetwork/unique-chain/compare/release-v937053...release-v939054.

How to Upgrade to v937054

To access the latest version, v937054, developers can use the link(s) below. 

We recommend all developers upgrade to this version to leverage the latest changes and enhancements, ensuring their applications run smoothly and efficiently.

In case of any queries regarding the upgrade process or the new version, developers can always contact our support team. Meanwhile, stay updated with the latest news and developments by joining our Telegram channel.

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