Check out these three demos from our winning project teams to learn more about how our nested NFT technology fuels mass adoption-ready solutions for advanced management of digital assets powered by NFTs.

NFTs thrive because they are (no pun intended) unique items that, while often part of a greater collection and community, are individual items governed and categorized by their specific smart contract and owner. While people create, trade, and utilize NFTs for various functions, their function usually relates to a single token and smart contract from which it was born—a fact of life that has led to limited utility and use cases. Nested NFTs, a technology being pioneered by Unique Network, reimagine that, introducing an entirely new concept of NFT ownership that presents some exciting opportunities and use cases for utility functionality, asset organization, and the potential for frictionless mass adoption.

In our recent Unique Network hackathon, a part of Polkadot’s North America Hackathon, we tasked teams with creating fully-functioning demos that create innovative solutions to problems through the implementation of nested NFTs. After Unique’s formidable experience of winning Kusama’s Hackusama in 2020 during the birth of our blockchain, this was a sentimental and forward-reaching moment for our platform. We are proud to share more information and content around the three winning teams whose stunning demos truly established proof of concept and the potential of nested NFTs: Unique Space, TerraCore Technologies, and Nes3D!

TerraCore Technologies: Sociable Weaver

Through their Social Weaver project, the team at TerraCore technologies utilized nested NFT technology to create an interactive and seamless UX/UI which makes asset organization extremely easy and circumnavigates the need for a complicated blockchain interface. Through their demo, they show how nested NFT can be used to create and attach NFT collections, add properties and attributes, and seamlessly nest them into a nesting tree. Utilizing our infrastructure, they created an ultra-sleek interface minting process for adding individual tokens to part of any NFT from other allowed collections. We especially loved how their simple yet design-focused UI on their application and each step of the NFT creation and nesting process easy and fun. Check out their full demo below.


The winning team from Nes3D focused on the potential for nested NFT gaming (and gamified environments), where utility and user experience are vastly simplified and made interactive. Through Nes3D’s gaming module, users can organize different assets that fall under the ownership of a “parent NFT” at the top of the tree-like structures. The magic here is that players can drag and drop different assets in and out of their parent NFT without generating new smart contracts as the individual assets don’t need to be linked to an externally owned account—they can live within the parent NFT. Nes3D also outlined additional use cases for their nesting tool interface across music and art, demonstrating how individual songs can be added to a parent album NFT and more.

Unique Space

The winning team from Unique Space also chose to lean into the gaming space, demonstrating how new economies and ownership opportunities can be generated via nested NFTs. In their demo, they showed how 200 spaceships could be broken down into nested parent and child tokens, representing different mechanical parts and weapons that players can use in the game—fully functioning and ready to play! In their demo, they showed how players mint a “parent” spaceship NFT that can easily add and organize new “child” tokens (parts, weapons) to their main token. This action happens seamlessly, without needing any smart contact generation or additional code. It’s user-ready. The result? An NFT-take on classic arcade games like Galaga and Space Invaders.

Big thanks and congratulations to all of the brilliant and creative teams who took the nested NFT concept and tech and put together such exciting demos and use cases. We can’t wait to see more from them soon. Got any ideas for a nested NFT demo and use case of your own? Let us know on Twitter.

— Unique Network