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Quartz Network:
Innovation through Chaos

As Kusama is to Polkadot, Quartz is to Unique Network. Experience all the flexibility and functionality needed to bring your wildest and most experimental NFT ideas to life.

What is Quartz?

Unique Network's canary network, Quartz is a user-friendly platform designed to test radical innovation in NFTs and build for the next generation of users.

Built on Substrate, Quartz, provides developers quick access to a spectrum of advanced NFT tools to build functional dApps, games, and NFT marketplaces.

Why build on Quartz?

Unique Network's canary network, Quartz, provides developers with quick access to a spectrum of advanced NFT tools to build functional dApps, games and NFT marketplaces.

Features currently available on Quartz include: Flexible Economic Models, Scheduled Transactions, Re-fungibility, and Nested NFTs.

easy access

Build Operational Marketplaces in Hours

Quartz is the perfect white-label solution for building simple, feature-rich, and platform-agnostic NFT marketplaces.

For brand-new developers, there’s no need to be a blockchain expert (or have a large budget) to use our platform.


Advanced Marketplace Features

With compatibility across Polkadot, Kusama, and Ethereum, Quartz allows users to choose how they interact with an NFT marketplace without worrying about network congestion, scalability, or high transaction fees.

Sustainable Minting


Quartz utilizes the PoS infrastructure on Polkadot's Substrate network, which is built for scalability and efficiency, and as a result, has a low carbon footprint and low cost.

minimal gas fees. maximal opportunity. Utility: Quartz Token


The Utility of the Quartz Token will come from Transactions and Staking

Transaction Payments

The number of transactions will be proportional to the complexity of applications and will be paid to the treasury.

  1. NFT Transactions: Pre-defined fee per NFT transaction (e.g. 0.1 QTZ).
  2. Smart Contract Transactions: Depending on the complexity of the dApps, each smart contract transaction will be charged at a pre-determined rate (e.g., 0.2 QTZ).


Staking on Quartz tokens will support several functions including:

  1. App Promotion Staking
  2. Smart Contract Endowment
  3. Reputation Staking
  4. Vote Staking (Governance)


total supply
circulating Supply at Genesis
10% in year 1,
decreasing consistently to 4% by year 10

NB: The treasury will cover various elements, including costs of parachain lease auctions, sponsored transactions, and other community activities. The treasury will become decentralized over time, becoming a sustainable governance structure that supports the growth and security of the ecosystem. The increase in the supply of treasury will support inflation.

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