Art Curator Grid teamed up with Unique Network to build an NFT marketplace to be utilized by a global network of art professionals and organizations to showcase their creations.

Founder's Message

Artpool solves the crying need for funding of the art world as it makes the crypto world accessible to a wider pool of people and is unique for NFT enthusiasts as they have the chance to become an integral part of future art projects and finally buy NFTs created by artists, selected by experts from the art world.

Founder and Director of Art Curator Grid and Art Pool, Pauline Foessel

The Opportunity

Art Curator Grid, a platform for artistic and curatorial events, needed to improve funding for its arts and properly engage with its communities. They opted to take advantage of the utility and data offered by NFTs to build carefully designed NFT discovery experiences for artists to monetize their work and earn more opportunities.

Still, the Art Curator Grid encountered several roadblocks, such as a lack of development knowledge and personnel and a scarcity of understanding of blockchain technology, which led to a costly and unviable process of NFT minting.

How we Helped

Unique Network provided backing as a development aid to deliver Art Curator Grid with an interoperable, white-label, and scalable NFT platform and marketplace known as Artpool.

Artpool could embed NFT art directly onto the platform homepage, offering artists and curators better opportunities within the digital world.

Products Used

  • Unique SDK
  • UniqueMinter
  • UniqueScan
  • Unique Wallet
  • Refungible Tokens (RFTs)

The Results

This marketplace currently hosts over 1,000 select curators, art industry experts, venues, and organizations from 76 different nations, showcasing the work of 6000+ artists worldwide.

About Artpool

Artpool is a curator-led platform utilizing NFT technology to transform the art-collecting experience. It enables art lovers to discover artwork hand-picked by well-known art professionals from all over the globe.

Both novices and veteran collectors can take advantage of the knowledge of experienced curators to invest in art sold as NFTs, thus supporting art initiatives and artists from around the world.

Curators, artists, and art organizations can connect, exhibit and fundraise while collectors find the finest art on web3.