Art Curator Grid is working with Unique Network to build an NFT marketplace.

The Problem 

Art Curator Grid, a network for art venues and creative potentials, saw a lack of funding for art, and a solution - NFTs. They wanted to bring together their community and offer them new opportunities. They also wanted to create a curated NFT discovery experience, leaning on the expertise of industry professionals. 

Art Curator Grid faced key challenges: 

  • Lack of development resources 

  • Lack of blockchain knowledge and expertise 

  • High cost of minting  

The Solution 

Art Curator Grid selected Unique Network to develop their NFT platform, Artpool. 

Unique Network provided: 

  • Development assistance 

  • Easy-to-integrate whitelabeled marketplace, with support from UniqueMinter, UniqueScan and Unique Wallet


Artpool was able to embed NFT art directly into their home page, and launch their own marketplace