Unique Network brings forth its sophisticated NFT capabilities to support OG protocol, a digital art lab using blockchain oracles to build the future of dynamic NFTs. This will enable their developers to design tokens that have enough practical application to go beyond the digital realm and into the physical world.

Founder's Message

Consider the potential of incorporating pertinent information from various sources, such as the stock market, events, and the environment, into new versions of NFTs that offer a wider scope of economic and technical applications available.

Unique Network CEO, Alexander Mitrovich

The Opportunity

OG Protocol's objective is to generate continually evolving NFTs with the help of blockchain oracles. These tokens will be incredibly beneficial for augmenting the capability of NFTs particularly when it comes to dealing with real-world data.

To achieve this, OG Protocol did not have the range of characteristics required to generate practical applications for its developers. The team was aware of how to provide utility to their NFTs; what they had to do was bring their inventions to the people who would be using them.

How we Helped

Our infrastructure utilizes the OG Protocol technology and Oracle network, with Unique Network acting as the interface for creators to fashion dynamic NFTs.

This collaboration is akin to two elements of a jigsaw. For instance, Nested NFTs integrate with real-world data provided by OG Protocol’s Oracle network.

Products Used

  • Unique SDK
  • Nested NFTs
  • Refungible (RFT) tokens
  • Bundled NFTs

The Results

This collaboration is advantageous to both the Polkadot and Kusama networks since it allows for the assembly of multiple solutions, which encourages more NFT creators to explore and add more utility to their NFTs. This procedure, achievable only on such a flexible, advanced blockchain, will be critical for unlocking more NFT applications, particularly within the Web2 circle.

About OG Protocol

OG Protocol enables web3 development teams to make their NFT ever-evolving dynamic items. Your NFTs can now change their look and metadata with in-app events, blockchain data, and thousands of other data points.