The last time we spoke, we were entering the first chapter of an epic quest across a new era of the Pluriverse. We have asked our community members to offer their faithful Substrapunk for a bounty of 100 KSM to help identify the hero of a new story to unite the blockchains and embark on an adventure of a lifetime alongside a mysterious fellow wanderer. After over 300 listings, we are closer to identifying our heroes who will guide their counterparts toward a better and more equitable blockchain.

So who is this mysterious wanderer? Tune into the Unique Chronicles to find out.

A hero’s journey has always been thought to be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Unique Network has secured Cryptopunk #3042 to star alongside your nominated substrapunk in an epic quest.

Cryptopunk #3042, better known as Monique, will be migrated to our native Quartz chain on Polkadot, fractionalised into thousands of pieces and given away to you - our community.

Cryptopunks, the original pfp project that brought billions to the NFT market, have held their status as the ‘genesis’ crypto art of blockchain technology, which proved the utility of NFTs to the global economy. Yet, along with their meteoric rise in popularity came inaccessibility and unsustainability that began to plague Ethereum. Unique Network and our punk heroes are here to demonstrate to those fleeing Ethereum that an interoperable, sustainable, and lower cost solution for NFTs exists.

We now ask you, our community, to join our legion for an early opportunity to become a part of our story. In return, you will receive a piece of this story—of history—a share of our Unique Cryptopunk and Substrapunk.

A marvelous tale is about to unfold, register to be a part of the Unique Chronicles and find out how to claim your piece of this story.