Introducing Our Latest Partnership: JokeRace—The on-chain user-acquisition tool where people come together, submit entries, vote and earn rewards! Read more below to learn about our partnership:

We’re excited to announce our new partnership: JokeRace!

JokeRace is the community platform, where people can earn rewards, run contests and vote. They’ve successfully integrated Unique Network in only a matter of minutes to create unique contests and utilise Unique Network NFTs.

This collaboration fosters a great relationship by binding a no-code smart contract platform and hosting contests/campaigns in an easy, efficient and simplistic manner, along with enabling 100s of different Web3 projects to utilize the Unique Network chain to engage their community.

As part of our ongoing partnership, we aim to engage the Unique Network community through fun interactive activities and collaborations, while also exploring innovative ways to deliver Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to key target audiences.

Let’s dive more into our partnership below!

What is JokeRace?

JokeRace is the new and easy-to-use platform on Web3 enabling communities and enthusiasts in the Web3 world to make, execute, and reward decisions. Imagine a contest platform, where you can sign up with your Discord handle or connect your wallet; submit your work to complete tasks (or host your contest!), make decisions, earn exclusive rewards and vote!

JokeRace was designed as a one-click, no-code smart contract deployment platform—allowing anyone (even with no blockchain code experience!) to deploy a contest as a contract in just a few seconds.

What does this mean exactly?

Since everything is securely stored on the blockchain, and deployed as a contract, it ensures maximum security, intentional participation, and unforgeable voting.

Not only that, but users can leverage the JokeRace platform to incentivise users to bridge and start transacting on-chain. Different chains and projects can utilise JokeRace to start onboarding new key users to their platforms and interact with their current communities in a frictionless and painless way.

How does it work?

  1. Host a Contest: If you’re a project (big or small), or an individual, you can host your contests to further engage with your community, or onboard new users to your platforms by creating fun and engaging campaigns. In return, your users can vote on specific tasks by other users in the contests, and even earn rewards.
  2. Submit your Work: If you’re participating in a given contest, you can submit your work via the campaign on JokeRace and see what everyone else has submitted! This can be anything from submitting a meme contest, creating a logo for the project, creating an X (Twitter) thread, writing a short blog piece, creating a featured tweet, creating video content and lots more.
  3. Vote & Earn Rewards: All users (e.g. voters) on the platform can then vote on other people’s submissions on what they liked the best! Optionally, winners can get rewarded by setting up a rewards pool.

JokeRace & Unique Network: Delivering NFTs with Fun and Interactive Contests!

My First Unique NFT Campaign

We’re excited to share our first campaign on the JokeRace platform: My First Unique NFT in collaboration with our ongoing Spark Fest campaign!

When asked about integrating an NFT chain like Unique Network, David Phelps, co-founder of JokeRace, shared his vision:

Our goal is support all chains both directly in letting them run governance, games, hackathons, and grants—as well as projects building on their chains. So really excited to work with Unique and its users!

What's most impressive about this partnership is that JokeRace enables any decision-making output for any use case, enabling us to easily achieve any internal KPI for community management or marketing purposes.

Campaign Details:

Turn your photos into NFTs!

  1. Create an NFT with the best photo from your gallery. Photo should not include a person* - photo can be of natural scenery.
  2. Acquire $UNQ through a Zealy task or you can purchase through HTX.
    1. Zealy Task to acquire $UNQ:
    2. Note: It will take 24 hours for us to send the $UNQ to your address.
  3. Once done, and you have your $UNQ tokens, visit and mint an NFT!
    1. Need any additional help? Check out our tutorial video here:
  4. The contest on JokeRace starts on the 11th of December, 2023 | 10am UTC.
  5. The contest ends on the 20th of December, 2023 | 12am UTC.

Check out all the campaign details and everything you need to know here:

By joining, you might be lucky and win in a $1000 DOT pool - so don’t miss out!

Looking Ahead with NFTs and On-Chain Community Contests

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, the possibilities are limitless with NFTs, blockchain technology, and innovative governance systems paving the way for a dynamic future. Amidst this thriving ecosystem, effective community interaction remains a key challenge.

Through the integration of Unique Network on JokeRace's contest and rewards platform, we envision a new era of collaboration, organic growth, and community engagement. This partnership opens avenues for projects to foster meaningful relationships with their supporters by delivering high-quality outcomes, orchestrating engaging campaigns, enabling voting mechanisms, and providing opportunities for community members to earn rewards.

Co-founder of JokeRace, David Phelps expressed his thoughts on the future of NFTs, saying:

I'm excited for NFTs from two perspectives: one, as an onchain deed in protocols like UniSwap (IP NFTs) and Sona (song rights nfts entitling users to royalties) and second, as a primitive for community membership with access not only to rewards and discounts but the opportunities to cocreate.

CEO of Unique Network, Alexandar Mitrovic also shared his thoughts on the collaboration:

Collaborating with JokeRace marks an exciting chapter for Unique Network, driving the evolution of Web3 experiences with engaging community initiatives via on-chain contests. Our integration with JokeRace's web3 rewards platform isn't just a technological merge; it's a catalyst for community-driven, on-chain interactions. This partnership empowers projects to unlock the true potential of blockchain.

About Unique Network

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We’re the number 1 next-generation NFT chain for Polkadot & Kusama, providing the necessary tools and platforms to achieve your dreams with no code or blockchain experience needed.

Unique Network empowers you to step right into the world of web3 with NFTs 2.0, complete with unlimited advanced NFT features built for today and for the future.

Are you interested in diving into the world of digital assets and exploring what Unique has to offer? We encourage you to check out our ecosystem, where you can create, mint, customize, list and share your work with the rest of the world – the opportunities are truly endless.

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