Christmas is just around the corner and we are thrilled to celebrate it with YOU! We are excited to announce that Spark Fest Christmas Edition is back with a bang. Following the success of our previous seasons, we have planned bigger and better things this festive season. Check out the details below to learn more!

The festive and joyous season is slowly approaching and the holidays are coming. It’s also the season of giving and we are no strangers when it comes to giving. That’s why we’re hosting another season of Spark Fest - Christmas Edition!

Spark Fest aims to provide awareness around Unique Network through active participation, and interaction with various tasks and in turn, benefit the community and Unique’s overall growth.

But hold up! This Spark Fest just got even better!

This season is our special Christmas edition - Santa is in town offering exclusive and truly awesome rewards, and Zealy tasks to complete so you have every opportunity to join in the fun.

A little reindeer might have also said an exciting partnership is on the horizon…

Are you ready? Join Below!

Important Campaign Info:

  • Start Date: 27th of November, 2023.
  • End Date: 20th of December, 2023.
  • Rewards: $1000 worth of $DOT.
  • *Participation link:

Spark Fest Christmas Edition is Finally Here!

If you’re new to Spark Fest and not sure how it works, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Spark Fest enables anyone to participate, interact with others, create tasks, gain experience points (XP), and earn rewards! This overall, strengthens our community engagement and also enables Unique Network to grow, alongside other Polkadot Parachain teams.

As it is the Christmas season very soon, we will be hosting our Spark Fest season this winter, in addition to delivering a more engaged experience for you, with our fun Zealy quests.

You will be able to participate, learn, engage with our community members, onboard, create tasks and a whole lot more - you seriously won’t want to miss out on the rewards!

As you progress with the Zealy quests, you will see some quests give you different XP. The greater the quest itself, the more XP you will get and you will be placed higher on the leaderboard.

Additionally, some quests let you do them more than once, so we recommend checking out your quests daily to reap the rewards!

Here’s a brief and simple overview:


Once you’re logged into Zealy, start working on your quests to participate in the campaign.

Remember! The campaign is live from the 27th of November, till the 20th of December. During that time period, you will have the opportunity to win in a $1000 pool of DOT!

If you have any questions at all during the campaign and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our social media and in our community channels!

Spark Fest Season 2 Highlights!

Spark Fest Season 2 brought a lot of attention and amazing results for the Unique Network and Polkadot ecosystem. Here is a brief outline of some of the best highlights we’ve had:

  • 300+ active participants
  • 17,000+ actions completed
  • 41 captivating NFT collections launched
  • 24 valuable feedback accounts were received for the relaunched marketplace
  • 490 wallets were created, fostering a strong community
  • Spark Fest's collaboration with Opal displayed 258 impressive NFTs
  • Discord Buddy witnessed 260 NFTs shared, forging meaningful connections
  • 40 individuals shared the short video on Instagram and TikTok
  • Spark Fest Season 2 also empowered aspiring creators to develop over 30 tutorials that imparted invaluable knowledge about our platform.

Just wait until we announce this season's highlights as well!

That’s not all, we also have an exclusive partnership coming up very soon, so stay tuned on our Twitter to learn more in the coming weeks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which platform do I use to participate? Do I need an account?

A: You will use the Zealy platform to participate. You can connect your wallet or use Discord to use the platform to get started.

Q: Where are the campaign/contest links?

A: You can find a link to all of the campaigns/links here:

Q: When does the campaign start and end?

A: The campaign starts on the 27th of November, 2023. The campaign ends on the 20th of December, 2023.

Q: What are the rewards and when will we find out the winners?

A: You will have the ability to win in a $1000 pool of DOT, and we will let everyone know the winners via our social media, so please stay tuned over on our X (Twitter) account!

Terms & Conditions

This program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another rewards program. Therefore, Unique Network retains the power to terminate or alter any quest activity, campaign rules, or details of our own volition.

In order to participate, you must ensure that you follow the rules placed out in the campaign.

We are excited to have you participate and cannot wait to see what you end up doing!

Thank you for supporting Unique Network. From all of us here, we wish you a joyous festive season, however, you choose to celebrate!

Happy Holidays from us all at Unique!