The race is on! Conor Daly, Polkadot’s Superstar is heading to the Indy500 in an all-Polkadot-wrapped car, sponsored by the Polkadot community. Do you think Conor will be in the Top 10 to finish the race? Join the ecosystem NFT Mint Contest and cast your predictions with Zeitgeist!

Brief Overview

On the 9th of April 2024, it was announced that the Polkadot community voted in Polkadot’s Open Governance system (OpenGov) to sponsor race car driver, Conor Daly, in the upcoming Indianapolis 500 (Indy500) in May, 2024.

With an overwhelming 95.8% community approval for this proposal, anticipation for the upcoming race reaches new heights, underscoring the widespread enthusiasm it has garnered, showcasing the unimaginable possibilities with Polkadot’s Open Governance.

Conor Daly will be racing by and cheering on his fans, all wrapped up in a beautiful pink DOT race car, becoming a true ambassador for Polkadot and showcasing the power of blockchain decentralization, transparency, and trust.

This is the first time a major sports sponsorship has ever been decided by a community vote using blockchain technology.


In Conor’s words:

“We’re bringing power back to the people while making sports history”.

The Indy500 Race

The Indianapolis 500 (also known as the Indy 500), is one of the most prestigious and historic motorsport events globally, held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana. Known as "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing," the race features 33 drivers competing over 200 laps on a 2.5-mile oval track, testing their speed and skill.

The upcoming Indy 500 in May 2024 will mark the 108th running of this iconic race, drawing millions of viewers worldwide and attracting the finest racing teams and drivers.

Race day begins on May 26th, 2024!

Conor at the Indy500: Predict his Top 10 Finish!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Zeitgeist as part of the Polkadot Loves Conor Campaign! Will Conor Daly finish in the Top 10 of the 108th-running Indianapolis 500 race? You can cast your predictions over at Zeitgeist and support Conor before the big race!

Join the conversation and vote here:

Show Your Support and Join the Unique NFT Mint Contest!

As the excitement builds for the big race, we're thrilled to announce an NFT Mint competition in collaboration with our ecosystem partners, Zeitgeist and Acala Network, to rally behind Conor Daly and show our support!

Competition Details:

  • The competition will be hosted on Zealy, an easy, and user-friendly platform.
  • Prizes: 25 lucky participants will be randomly selected to win $800 in DOT.

Join the competition and show your love for Conor:

We are overjoyed to see all the incredible submissions we’ve received so far! Check out what our community has been up to in our NFT Mint Contest:


Important Notes:

This competition is not affiliated in any way with Conor Daly or any commercial brands and is solely created for the Polkadot community to come together in support of Conor in his upcoming race.

Everything created, (e.g. NFTs and content on social media) is uniquely created by the Polkadot community as a gesture of goodwill and good luck for Conor.

We’ll see you there!

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