Next in Unique Chronicles—Voting to find the winning Substrapunk is now open!

The last time we left our punks, Monique (aka CryptoPunk #3042) was close to giving up hope that the blockchain she called home (Ethereum) was past the point of no return. Monique feared that no one would ever rescue her from the limitations of her home because she believed that blockchains and assets could never be interconnected and were impossible to migrate across chains. Little did Monique know, a mysterious and brave stranger was on their way to freeing her and bringing her to a better, more efficient, and innovative new world...

Enter a mysterious punk, from the substra tribe, a hero from a faraway world known as Polkadot. While his or her full form is not yet revealed, following a vote from our community, the stranger will be named—and one step closer to freeing Monique the CryptoPunk to a better blockchain.

It's now time to vote on our Substrapunk’s identity, to find out who will be the Substrapunk hero of our epic quest once and for all!

The first weeks of Punks for the People have welcomed members of our community and some fresh new faces to join our quest to bring more advanced use cases to the blockchain. We kicked off this process and opportunity by asking our community to list their Substrapunk NFTs for 100 KSM.

We want to show the world that there is more to NFTs than what sits in your wallet in its current form. Our campaign demonstrates that digital assets, like a CryptoPunk, can be reimagined to demonstrate the potential of refugibility, our version of fractionalization for the Quartz and Polkadot ecosystem. Additionally, we're flexing the power of cross-chain NFTs and bundling, which is coming soon to the community via a new NFT drop — a Chest.

We are building for the most accessible and exciting experience possible for our users and the blockchain community. The next step on this quest is for you to vote on who will be the Substrapunk who will free Monique, aka Cryptopunk #3042, who we have purchased and will fractionalize and give away to our community. This next step follows selecting the Substrapunk through voting. The Winning Substrapunk will be bought by Unique Network for 100 KSM!

Here are the steps you will need to follow for voting on the SubstraPunk:

  1. Register for Punks for the People (if you haven’t already)
  2. Go to the voting page (
  3. Connect your Metamask or Polkadot.js wallet
  4. Vote for the Substrapunk you think Unique Network should purchase!
  5. Share with your friends to gather more votes

The voting page shows Substrapunks that were listed for 100 KSM at the time of a snapshot , which was taken between 5-6pm UTC on the 27th June.

That’s it! Thanks everyone for their participation. Stay tuned for more Unique Chronicles updates.

— Unique Network