We are introducing a new home for bundling your refungible (RFT) tokens, which you can trade as an NFT. Register for “Punks for the People” to claim a free Chest!

Ahoy, frens. We know that for many of us, our NFT and crypto tokens are like little pieces of treasure that we hold near and dear to our hearts (and wallets). Today, we’re excited to announce a new Unique product for our community: an NFT chest!

The concept is simple: using your Unique wallet, you can add RFT fractions (like the SubstraPunk and CryptoPunk fractions you’ll receive for joining our Punks for the People quest) into your Chest, which then will become an NFT that you can trade, or hold, as you wish.

Outside your Chest, the fractions are RFT tokens; once inside the Chest, the entire thing becomes an NFT. Magic? Nope! Just another example of the next-generation use cases we’re building for NFTs at Unique Network. So how do you get a shiny new Chest of your own?

Register for Punks for the People to get airdropped a FREE Chest!

That’s it, for now! Stay tuned for more updates on our NFT Chest rollout. We can’t wait for you to claim one!

— Unique Network