Following the team's presentation and surprise showcase at the first Polkadot official meetup in Vietnam in October, November has been quite eventful for Unique Network. In addition to new strategic partnerships and the release of novel product features — co-hosting COP27 was an absolute pleasure.

Let's take a moment to recap the Unique Network's biggest news highlights from November.

Co-hosting the 2022 DigitalArt4Climate Pavilion at UNFCCC (COP27) in Egypt

2021 was the year U.N. dedicated itself to recognizing the role creativity could play as a resource for sustainable development and climate action. This year, the goal remained consistent — bringing together multiple stakeholders who have collaborated around a socio-technological innovation space designed to unlock the potential digital assets for resource mobilization and climate empowerment.

Unique Network co-hosted the COP27 Digital Innovation Pavilion. In this space, digital technology companies, climate-action, and governance organizations met and collaborated on solutions for better and environmentally conscious technologies, i.e., blockchain.

Useful resources here and here.

Launching the DigitalArt4Climate NFT Marketplace

Unique Network also instituted the COP27 DigitalArt4Climate Marketplace, dedicated to providing artists and creators with the tools of creation and deployment used to design illustrations, cinematography, galleries, video games, and even marketplaces throughout NFTs.

Using the platform, digital artists, creators, and collectors can trade art, thus unlocking the potential for resource mobilization, which is helpful for climate empowerment.

"If we combine the transformative power of culture with the transformative power of technology as we do with the DigitalArt4Climate initiative — we can build a movement of global angels that care for the common good and who care for Mother Earth…."

DigitalArt4Climate Founder, Miroslav Polzer

Explore the NFT Marketplace.

Nested NFTs Launch

Technology via NFTs remains a significant portion of this growing ecosystem; because of this, it’s easy to think of the newly available Nested NFTs as the future of tokenization. This category of NFTs conveniently connects two or more NFTs hierarchically to create new or better use-case scenarios than traditional NFTs.

With this bundling mechanism, developers can use NFTs to explore a unique and complex set of sequences of consumer interactions. For instance, a digital asset could support multiple other assets within a single, smart contract, allowing for the ownership and transfer of value of these assets between numerous parties.

A real-world scenario would be having established artists bundle their work to appeal to broader users or a revenue-sharing collaboration between emerging artists looking to grow their audiences.

More about Nested NFTs.

Publishing Unique Network's First Thought-Leadership Paper

Another important November highlight was our first thought-leadership paper, ‘Powering Climate Action via NFTs,’ which featured some critical insights from CEO Alexander Mitrovich.

In addition to discussing several critical aspects of NFT and climate change, Alexander reiterates the bearing NFTs could have as a climate-friendly digital technology and the impact blockchain technology has on deploying capital to suitable projects that previously lacked transparency and efficiency. The paper also highlights the importance of collective will through collaborations, which will help drive the technology decisions required to reduce carbon output.

Readers are also introduced to the platform's dedication to solving the 'gas dilemma’ through efficiency, i.e., the assertion that a Unique Network NFT only requires 0.00012 grams of CO2 to be minted, 10,000 times more efficient than other blockchains.

Read the paper.

Attending sub0, Polkadot's developer conference

Sub0 is a meetup for Polkadot and Substrate developers to discuss Polkadot, participate in interactive workshops and collaborative sessions, and connect with a global developer community.

Keynotes and panel discussions at this year's event in Lisbon, Portugal, included one from Unique Network CTO Greg Zaitsev, who discussed next-generation NFTs and the future of innovation.

Working with Pauline Foessel

Let's also highlight a feature on CITYAM that focuses on Pauline Foessel — a professional art curator and founder of Artpool, a platform revolutionizing art collection with NFTs. Pauline considers NFTs more than just animated GIFs; they're complete and immersive experiences that will serve as physical experiences for people, whether at museums, communities, galleries, or even fairs. An example would be ‘Virtual Niche,’ the world's first cryptocurrency exhibition held in Beijing and sponsored in part by Unique Network.

Pauline Foessel was asked to review and vet over forty proposals and help choose the best concept or entry for the COP27 DigitalArt4Climate initiative.

Check out the feature article here.

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