As we continue to deliver on our mission to power next-gen NFTs, here is a quick look at how far we have come and what you should be ready and excited for in the coming months!

Hello again, Uniques!

What a year it has been already! From our Polkadot crowdloan win to the launch of Quartz, and our participation in marquee global blockchain events like Consensus by Coindesk, NFT.NYC and Polkadot Decoded, the energy from our community, investors, and the team has been remarkable and inspiring. As we wrap up what's been a massive summer, we are eager and excited to announce our roadmap for the remainder of 2022 and a recap of what's happened so far this year. The primary purpose of this roadmap is to bring more clarity and transparency regarding our plans and goals to you, our community, and the developer ecosystem. We believe this is the only way to build a successful blockchain: deep understanding and communication. Let's get into it.

This roadmap offers a more descriptive look into our progress and plans across three product categories: Blockchain, SDK, and Web tools. Note: we will soon share more public information on our SDKs, but if you want more clarity on what we're working on, please visit the Unique Playgrounds on GitHub!

Additionally, we are using our latest roadmap as an opportunity to announce Sapphire: a standalone mainnet with frequent releases for new features, small time-to-market timeframes, and a real-world economy that relies on QTZ tokens. Sapphire is a complementary product to Quartz; it allows developers to test our new features (like RFT) faster than they appear on Quartz. The Main benefit of Sapphire compared to Opal is its ability to use QTZ as an internal currency on Sapphire. The Opal token is free; there is currently no way to deploy production there safely. Sapphire deployments will still be the bleeding edge in terms of functionality but much safer in terms of application tokenomics: It will be much harder to DOS, spam, etc.

Now, let's take a deeper look at our mission before diving into the rest of our updates and respective roadmaps. If you need a bit of a refresher, remember: Unique Network's mission is to enable developers to create a new generation of NFT apps powered by advanced NFT tools with unlimited capabilities.

Read on for a recap of what has been implemented in Q1-Q2 of 2022 and what's planned for the remainder of the year.

2022 Timeline

timeline updated.jpg

2022 Q1 — Done

For more on what was delivered in Q1 2022 click here

2022 Q2 — Done

For more on what was delivered in Q2 2022 click here

2022 Q3

  • RFT Pallet

  • Wallet with minting feature

  • Sapphire Network launch

  • Staking (App Promotion).

  • SDK Alpha version

  • RFTs and Nested NFTs support in Wallet and Scan

  • USDT transfers between Statemine and Quartz

2022 Q4

  • New channels between Unique Network and other parachains

  • NFT and coins transfers between Moonriver and Quartz

  • Optimistic UI for gaming

  • Collators Admissions

Additionally, we want to stress that as in life, and especially in the blockchain industry we work and build in, what you see above in the roadmap is subject to change.

Thanks for reading and learning more about our 2022 plans and some of our biggest wins this year! We are deeply grateful for your support and energy during this exciting and critical time for our blockchain. Stay tuned for more :)

Blog updated on 9th Dec, 2022

— Unique Network