As the scorching days of July close, Unique Network looks back on another remarkable month filled with significant developments and milestones. Our ever-growing ecosystem and the strength of our partnerships continue to lay the groundwork for immense growth and innovation.

In this month's reflections article, we share these updates with our community, providing a glimpse into our progress throughout the month. From inspiring collaborations to platform enhancements, the Unique Network July recap holds something exceptional for everyone.

Partnered with Mad Bunny World to bring Customizable NFTs to in-game assets

This month, Unique Network also announced a special partnership with Mad Bunny World, an NFT game powered by HTML5 — creating the first on-chain customizable NFT character collection with skins on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Mad Bunny World is to utilize Unique Network's advanced technology and improved marketplace to create unique NFT collections of skins and wearables for the game's bunny characters. Players can trade these special NFTs on the Unique Marketplace through this collaboration, allowing the community to earn and monetize their gameplay.

Learn more about the Bunny Customizer and the details of the partnership here.

Highlighting the Success of Spark Fest Season 2

Spark-Fest Season 2 saw an overwhelming response:

  • 300+ enthusiastic participants
  • 17,000+ actions completed
  • 41 captivating NFT collections launched
  • 24 valuable feedback accounts received for the relaunched marketplace
  • 490 wallets were created, fostering a strong community
  • Spark Fest's collaboration with Opal displayed 258 impressive NFTs
  • Discord Buddy witnessed 260 NFTs shared, forging meaningful connections
  • 40 individuals shared the short video on Instagram and TikTok
  • Spark Fest Season 2 also empowered aspiring creators to develop over 30 tutorials that imparted invaluable knowledge about our platform

Regarding winners, all rewards will be sent in $DOT tokens. The names of all winners are available here.

Announced the Unique AI ART Contest winners

As you know, we ran an AI Art contest to encourage users to create and post creative and captivating AI-generated NFTs to spur community engagement and initial buzz for the platform for monetary rewards. At the end of the contest, we highlighted five winning submissions, with each lucky winner earning $UNQ 10,000 for their work.

The campaign was a success, as many entries were submitted and received. Our gratitude goes out to our community for each submission.

Have a look at all the winning entries here.

Participated in the Polkadot Global Series: Relayers Incubator 2023, organized by AngelHack

Unique participated in AngelHack's community-first, early-stage incubator program for dApp developers focused on Polkadot's parachains.

This program aims to support teams in becoming investment-ready and achieving business scalability in Web3. It provides participants access to various features, tools, and valuable resources. Moreover, the program offers direct learning, collaboration, and networking opportunities with Web3 experts and other parachains. Additionally, there are in-person investor engagement sessions, which further enhance the growth potential.

Our excitement to participate in this program stems from its alignment with our collaborative vision.

Access more information about the program here.

"The Dynamic NFT Lab" Challenge by Unique Network

In July, the Dynamic NFT Lab challenge by Unique Network captivated Web3 participants and audiences. The challenge invited entrants to create a state-of-the-art NFT synthesis lab that allows users to tune and customize dynamic NFTs. The challenge provided an excellent opportunity to showcase artistic flair and creativity while competing for rewards of up to $5,000 in $UNQ and $ETH.

With the guidance of Unique Network mentors Filip Filipovich and Arsenii Medoev (Senior Developer), contestants received expert support to bring their visions to life. Their creations added to the growing diversity and excitement in the Web3 community. Congratulations to all the winners and participants who made this a memorable event!

Consensus Web3athon Hackathon winner announced

Winners of the Consensus Web3athon 2023 Hackathon, an event sponsored by Polkadot, were announced.

Among the numerous brilliant entries, the top honor went to Eduardo Moreno (@emoreno911) and his team,, for their remarkable creation: NESEE, a revolutionary NFT studio tool. Their ingenuity and dedication have earned them this well-deserved triumph, and we congratulate them wholeheartedly.

To witness the brilliance of NESEE in action, we invite you to watch the product video here.

Unique Network monthly Community Call

Community members were invited to participate in our monthly community call on Tuesday, July 4th, with CEO Alexander Mitrovich, CTO Greg Zaitsev, and CMO Charu Sethi. During the call, the team elaborated on the launch of the Unique marketplace and shared their strategic plans for its growth and development.

Watch the recap here.

Workshop to develop Android/iOS apps on Unique Network

July was an exciting month for developers, with a two-in-one insightful workshop led by Stepan and Maxim for the DOTSafari Hackathon 2023. They delivered a masterclass on creating Android and iOS apps to interact with the Unique Network blockchain seamlessly. Viewers gained hands-on experience utilizing the Kotlin/Android and Swift/iOS Unique SDKs.

These workshops aim to provide invaluable knowledge and skills, empowering developers to harness the full potential of technology on Unique Network in their dApp development endeavors.

For more information on mobile app creation on Unique, watch the video here.

New thought leadership material posted

In a jam-packed month, two articles captured the essence of our NFT ecosystem.

The first, an extensive guide on NFT Trading Cards, delves into every facet of these digital collectibles. From blockchain basics to rarity, gameplay, and eco-impact, it's a must-read for collectors, seasoned or new.

The second article uncovers the connection between NFT utility and event branding. By utilizing unique digital assets, events gain lasting recognition and value, engaging attendees with exclusive perks and collectibles.

Together, these articles offer a comprehensive view of the captivating realm of NFTs and their impact on various domains.

You can read the articles here and here.

Unique in the Press

Our team participated in several Web3 press and events throughout the last month. Below are some of the prominent highlights:

  1. An overview of the Unique ecosystem was featured on Polkadot Insider, exploring the partners and builders that make up our blockchains.
  2. Our CTO and Developer Relations Lead were part of the latest Polkadot Community Call, which featured Unique and other projects such as SubQuery, OriginTrail, Novasama, and Peaq.
  3. Unique Network attended the Polkadot Decoded Viewing Party in Singapore with Coinhako, QCP Capital, Coinlive, and RockX to discuss and exchange ideas about Polkadot's potential and impact on the decentralized internet.

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